National Humor Month on April, 2024: Poll: Are we getting too politically correct in our humor?

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Poll: Are we getting too politically correct in our humor?

When institutions start imagining rules about humour and jokes, it is the beginning of the end. It is a type of totalitarianism of the mind. Resist!

so it is the first of November ! do you have any major plans for this month religious or not?

so it is the first of November ! do you have any major plans for this month religious or not?

I've joined the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the first time. I need to produce 50,000 words by midnight on November 30th.

... yes, I am insane.

What’s life like in the National guard?

What's life like in the National guard?

It's not a bad way to get out of the house, make some money and get some job skills. Also not a bad way to pay for college.

But it's not easy. You will be tested. You will get frustrated. You will not want to be there at times. You will want to take the easy route and quit.

You have to find a reason that you WANT to serve. I can't tell you what it is, it has to be personal to you. For me, it was a way to repay debts, and a way to regain a life with honor. That meant a lot to me, so there was no way I was going to quit. Every day I woke up ready to go to work. All I can say is that if you don't find that reason to be there, you will fail. It takes a lot of discipline to be in the military.

You need to find an MOS that interests you. There are so many jobs in the guard, from human resources to medical to satellite programming. I would look for something that has a real world equivalent.

For instance, you might go in as a medic (health care specialist) and with the EMT license you earn there, start working on ambulances when you get home. You can then use the GI Bill to get paid to go to school, working on a nursing certificate. You finish that in three years, and boom, you're an RN earning $60,000 a year plus. I'm sure mom and dad wouldn't have a problem with that. That's only one example of how the guard can help you get your life together.

Go to and look at the career tools to help you match your personal interests to an MOS (job) that you might like.

A basic day: When you are in training you will first attend Basic Combat Training. See more of that here:

It's a lot of waking up early, exercising, and military BS. But it will get you out of a civilian mindset and into a soldiers mindset. Try to absorb and believe the soldier's creed. Try to understand that when you say "I serve the people of the United States of America" what a noble calling that is.

After BCT, you will go to AIT to learn your MOS. That can be anywhere from 5 weeks to a year, depending on what MOS you choose. Look at it as free job training. There is usually less BS in AIT than in BCT, but it still isn't really army life.

Once you're out, you'll have to settle into a one weekend per month, two weeks per year lifestyle of drill. It isn't hard, except in a scheduling way. Things will tend to fall on your drill weekends. You'll have to get used to saying "no" to offers to do stuff because you'll have your military duties.

If you're smart, you'll be going to school on the GI Bill, to further the career you chose in the Guard. Learning business if you're in Human Resources, Nursing if you're a medic, etc.

Workouts: Run 2 - 3 miles three days a week. You can start out run / walking if you need to. Shoot for 2 miles in under 18 minutes. Another three days a week, do three sets each of push ups and sit ups. Shoot for 20 push ups in a row on your toes, and 40 sit ups in under 2 minutes. That's army standard. Basic will be a lot easier if you can do all that when you first arrive.

Crossfit is another great way to get in military shape. Do that five days a week and you'll kill Basic Traning.

As for being shy, don't worry about it. When a drill sergeant gets in your face, just remember that is how they say "I love you." It's all a head game to get you into a soldier mindset. It isn't personal.

Good luck! Remember to keep you sense of humor when you're sucking gas in the gas chamber in BCT. Just keep saying "fuck you, Cailano, why did you talk me into this bullshit???"

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