National Inventors Month on May, 2024: August is the ONLY calender month without a MAJOR holiday: Why has it never been claimed for any

May, 2024 is National Inventors Month 2024. National Inventors Month Everyday Edisons Program Showcases Local ... National Inventors Month

August is the ONLY calender month without a MAJOR holiday: Why has it never been claimed for any

The following events are observed calendar month-long in August:

American Adventures Month

American History Essay Contest

National Catfish Month

Black Business Month

Cataract Awareness Month

Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Children's Vision and Learning Month

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month

Happiness Happens Month

Harvest Month

Motorsports Awareness Month

National Immunization Awareness Month

National Inventor's Month

National Panini Month

National Water Quality Month

National Win with Civility Month

Neurosurgery Outreach Month

Peach Month

Spinal Muscular Atrophy Awareness Month

What Will Be Your Legacy Month

Irish American Heritage Month?

Irish American Heritage Month?

To the poster who stated that African Americans were sent to the Americas and Caribbean as slaves, SO TOO WERE THE IRISH. African American Historian Leronne Bennett describes the capture and transportation of Irish Slaves as being identical to African Slaves and states that many of the later African Slavers got their experience and capital from the Irish Slave trade. 50,000 Irish were sent to Barbados alone. The first "witch" hung in Boston was Ann Glover, an Irish Slave who was a convenient scapegoat for "unexplained happenings".

To the other poster who stated that African American make up the second largest demograpich in the United States, wrong: Per the US. Census Irish Americans make up 23% of the US Population, African Americans make up 12.4% (BTW Latino Americans make up 15.4% )

The fact that American are so unknowing of these facts is the reason we need Irish American Heritage Month, The biggest issue is that Irish American Heritage month is issued as a yearly Proclamation, it has never been made a law (as have been Jewish Heritage Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Black History Month etc). This allows public institutions to ignore it. Many of us are trying to correct this. Best suggestion is to write your Congressional and Senate representatives.

For inspiration, see this video :

African American Inventors?

African American Inventors?

The Top Ten African-American Inventors

Holidays also on this date Wednesday, May 1, 2024...
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