National Physical Therapy Month on October, 2022: alternatives to physical therapy?

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October, 2022 is National Physical Therapy Month 2022. Best Orthopedic Hospitals‎ Leaders In Personalized Orthopedic Care. Request An Appointment Now!

alternatives to physical therapy?

Yes, Massage Therapy is an excellent alternative! They can work out all the trigger points that have developed as a result of the trauma your biceps experienced!

Another option for instant pain relief is a product called Deep Relief found at the website below! Check it out! It has done wonders for me and my back pain!

I wanna go to school for Physical Therapy Assistant?

I wanna go to school for Physical Therapy Assistant?

You will need to earn an AAS in Physical Therapy to become a PTA (assistant). There are class and labs that you will need to take on site but you can take some class online. You will also do about 3 months of full time internships. If you go to the national PT website under prospective students, it has a ton of information and a list of all the schools that offer PT and PTA.

physical therapy career?

physical therapy career?

your cna just transfer the credits, it does not matter if you or someone else paid for. You can do any of your options. To become a PT, you need to get an undergrad degree in anything as long as you get the correct pre reqs

These generally include (1 year plus labs) of gen bio, gen chem, gen physics, A and PT, math, psy You also need volunteer hours in a PT clinic

Then you apply to grad school for PT. Of the approx 200 PT programs, most are DPTs and only a handful are MPT. (8 to be exact. There were 11 about 6 months ago) These programs are in the process of becoming DPTs. So by the time your apply, this will not even be an option

Here are some useful links from the national PT organizations

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