National Physiotherapy Month on May, 2024: Need information about some short term physiotherapy courses in Bangalore?

May, 2024 is National Physiotherapy Month 2024. Inpatient Detox and Rehab‎ St. Louis' Most Comprehensive Approach to Addiction Treatment

Need information about some short term physiotherapy courses in Bangalore..?

According to Rehabilitation Council of India,

Supplementary Course on Orientation and Mobility Instructors Training Course (by the National Association for the Blind, Bangalore) Short Term 2 Months

Does australia have a national health service?

Does australia have a national health service?

Australia has a universal healthcare system called Medicare but it is quite different from the NHS. It is funded partly by a 1.5% levy on individual taxpayers and partly from general taxation.

All care in public hospitals is completely free. Doctors outside the public hospital system are privately or self employed and they are free to set their own fee levels. Medicare sets a 'scheduled fee' and rebates a proportion of that to patients with the patient paying the difference. Some doctors choose to 'bulk bill' meaning that they charge only the Medicare benefit to all patients so there is no out of pocket payment for the patient, but every year, there are fewer bulk billing doctors. Many other practices however will bulk bill pensioners and selected patients (e.g. children, low income healthcare card holders) but that is up to the individual practice. Patients can go to any practice/s and no registration is required. Annual safety nets apply to protect individuals and family units from high out of pocket expenses.

People with urgent or life threatening conditions receive world class treatment when required but hospital waiting lists can be long for 'elective' surgery so many people elect to take out private hospital insurance. The government picks up 30% of insurance premiums and also pays part of the hospital charges, both of which serve to keep insurance premiums down. It is not possible to get insurance to cover private out of hospital medical treatment. Insurers must insure everyone who wants to insure with them and must charge the same premium to all members with the same level of cover.

Medicare does not cover dental, physiotherapy or similar related but non-medical treatment. Private insurance is available to cover 'extras' like that though there is always some level of co-payment. The government also subsidises extras insurance premiums.

Pharmaceuticals are provided under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS). Medication covered by the PBS costs a maximum of $34.20 per supply for most people and around $5.60 for pensioners and low income earners. Annual safety nets also apply.

If you can afford private hospital insurance (around $80/month for an individual), Medicare is excellent and works very well indeed. If you don't have private hospital insurance, it's great until you need elective surgery for some painful but not life threatening condition, then it's not so good because of the possible waiting list for treatment. I understand though that much the same applies under the NHS.

I have a Hamstring Injury and im 13. i have had it since 6 months ago.?

I have a Hamstring Injury and im 13. i have had it since 6 months ago.?

it's not uncommon for level three compound pulls to take a year to heal. usually with younger athletes it takes longer because they're impatient with the healing process. it does heal. it sucks to sit out. but you'd much rather sit out for a season when you're 13 rather than when you're 18 because of jacked up legs from not taking care of business the right way.

when you finally sit out and take time to heal, you'll come back that much more ambitious/competitive. most successful athletes have had serious injuries. healing time is a good time to reflect on your goals/ambitions and work on things you might not be so great at, like flexibility and form, for example. it's hard, i know. hang in there.

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