National Safe Digging Month on April, 2023: are oscon supplements safe?

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April, 2023 is National Safe Digging Month 2023. April is National Safe Digging Month April is National Safe Digging

are oscon supplements safe?

If you dig a little into the internet you will find many references to Osgood-Schlatter and Severs Disease and the vitamin E with selenium therapy.The first published reports

were in the British Medical Journal Lancet in 1976. Look at for an independent evaluation by a gymnastics associated website,

In the book, "Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing with Nutrition", Rodale Press,1984,

Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, MD has Chapter 41 entitled "A Case of Teenage Knee

Pain" describing his experiences with the treatment.

The usual course of events with Oscon is for a noticeable reduction in pain

in 5 days, a major improvement in two weeks, some in as few as 2 days

but others may take up to two months, and a full recovery in

almost every case.

Because of 1999 research at USC's school of pharmacy, We now know why Oscon works. Vitamin E breaks causes a breakdown down in specific free radicals, and selenium is the "core" element of glutathione peroxidase, an enzyme essential in controlling peroxides, which are the by-products of the process.

Oscon is not a pain reliever, it actually appears to provide the "keys" to

helping the body heal the apophyseal injuries by itself by breaking the

inflammatory cycle that goes like this:

Injury>inflammation>edema>weakening>reinjury. Repeat.

Here is some recent feedback. .

Vitamin E, unlike other fat-soluble vitamins

is extremely safe, even at doses much higher than in Oscon.

Selenium toxicity is rare in the U.S. The few reported cases have been associated with industrial accidents and a manufacturing error that led to an excessively high dose of selenium in a supplement [63,64]. The Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences has set a tolerable upper intake level (UL) for selenium at 400 micrograms per day for adults to prevent the risk of developing selenosis [12]. Table 5 lists ULs for selenium, in micrograms per day, for infants, children, and adults. 2 Oscon is 200/day

The only "Theoretical" drug interaction is that vitamin E may potentiate the effects of "blood thinners" like coumadin/warfarin and Plavix. This is often stated, but never demonstrated to have actually occurred. These drugs are used in controlling clotting in patients with cardiovascular problems, and almost never in young patients.

The Oscon label is "full disclosure" and lists all the ingredients. No steroids, no "drugs", no unnecessary fillers or solvents. The capsule may also be pierced and the contents mixed with a variety of foods, for children that have difficulty with swallowing "pills".

Is it safe to have green tea to loose weight while breastfeeding?

Is it safe to have green tea to loose weight while breastfeeding?

Green tea isn't going to do anything for your weight loss....especially once a day.

Supplements, such as green tea extract, are always a bad idea unless recommended by a health care professional according to the best experts in health and nutrition in the world...the US National Institute of Health. The reason is you don't know what you're getting in the product. The FDA does not require testing, advertising is often fraudulent, what's on the label is often not in the package/product, and many supplements are contaminated with various toxins. For more information about supplements, go here -->

Will green tea help you lose fat? Probably not. The truth about green tea is there are many varieties of the herb and no good scientific evidence any of them support fat loss to any significant degree. However, if you randomly surf the web you're likely to become the victim of scammers.

Here's an example of a very nice looking website about green tea. Note the excerpt:"If you are in search of natural means that will help you lose weight and improve your health, then green tea dietary supplements may be the perfect answer for you. Each time you take the pill, there’s a gleaming joy in your heart that you are doing something good for your body’s overall wellness."


But, is that truth or just scammers who want to sell you supplements feeding you propaganda for to get your money? If you read what the experts have to say, your conclusion will have to be that classy website article is bogus and fraudulent scammers propaganda. And, in fact, that's an example of how scammers manipulate the buying public by saturating the web with false articles, phony blogs, bogus scientific white papers, and fake reviews.

Here's what the US National Institute of Health, the people your doctor listens to, has to say about green tea diets. Note the excerpt: "Insufficient evidence to rate effectiveness for weight loss.".


Here's a fact sheet about green tea. Note the excerpt: "There are not enough reliable data to determine whether green tea can aid in weight loss"


Here's another report. Note the excerpt: "Taking a specific green tea extract (EGCG) seems to help moderately overweight people lose weight. But green tea doesn’t help people keep the weight off."

Note the phrase "seems to".


So, why doesn't the NIH just come right out and say green tea doesn't work for diets? Because they only say what has been demonstrated by good scientific research. Unlike the supplement sellers who will make outlandish and ridiculous claims to get your money and the credulous and naive people who believe them, the government tells the truth as science is given to know it.

It pays to be skeptical about all supplements and especially those sold for the purposes of fat loss and muscle gain. The internet search engines only know what is popular, not what is true and correct. So, if you see it at the top of the Google or Bing search results, it means nothing. On the web, you have to dig for the truth. Be skeptical, use critical thinking, and if it sounds too good to be true...well, you know the rest.

For more information go here -->

In summation, it would seem green tea is a poor choice for dieters simply because it has no appreciable effect of fat loss. High quantities of a concentrated extract may have some slight fat loss benefit but that can only be purchased as a supplement and there is still no good science to suggest efficacy in fat loss.

You should never take supplements without a doctors recommendation according to the US National Institute of Health. That could not be any more important than if you're breast feeding. If you want to lose fat, do it for health and do it the right way...through calorie control for life..not for some birthday.

Good luck and good health!!

BP Azerbaijan Blowout Sept 2008, 18 months prior to Deepwater Horizon disaster...?

BP Azerbaijan Blowout Sept 2008, 18 months prior to Deepwater Horizon disaster...?

MY friend I agree with you on BP and on oil in general but not on the timetable. For the following reasons.

I think the deeper they dig into PB the more problems they are going to find. I don't know if regulators knew or not but if they did they should be held accountable for allowing a company with such a crappy record to drill anywhere in USA waters. The Gulf South needs the Oil industry but we need a safe one not one that is going to destroy our oyster beds and fishing waters which is our biggest industry in South Louisiana. I think Obama had the right idea (believe it or not) on the safety checks but his regulators haven't even reviewed any of the rigs that are not able to resume work in months. I don't think the government wants any drilling anywhere to be honest. Green cars and energy sources are a great idea but they aren't affordable and readily available yet so we need oil until those industries grow and become more efficient and affordable. Much of the electricity in this country is produced by oil fired generators, many of the everyday products we use are made from oil or it's by-products. A good replacement for these must be found before we can stop using oil. I am all for a greener lifestyle but we can't do it all at once. People just don't have the money to hurry out and buy an expensive electric or hybrid car or put solar panels on the roof. I would love to have those but I haven't got the money to do it and I am middle class. What do you think the poor will do to replace their stuff. The government is already broke so they can't pay for it. And you could tax every wealthy person in the USA 100% and it wouldn't even put a dent in the National debt let alone pay for all of this. Obama's tax the rich strategy is nothing but class war fare and hot air. Oh I agree we need to close the loop holes in our tax code to correct the discrepancies and unfairness but even that won't help but so much. Anyway I have gotten off track and I do apologize. To some up I agree with The presidents desire for caution but I don't agree with the governments inaction in getting these oil field workers back to work.

Take care my sweet friend and I hope you don't take my anger and frustration at our government (BOTH Parties) in the wrong way . I would never intentionally hurt our friendship in anyway.

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