No Housework Day 2021 is on Wednesday, April 7, 2021: Do you do housework every day?

Wednesday, April 7, 2021 is No Housework Day 2021. Women, Your Day Has Arrived! National No Housework Day

No Housework Day

The laundry is going to be all right within the basket until tomorrow.You have enough plates to depart the dish washing before the morning, this once.No House work Day may be the eventually annually you can easily relax, forget individuals daily chores and do absolutely other things rather. It’s an opportunity to indulge yourself without any guilt, no stress with no dusting.You can celebrate it just a little in a different way if you are not the one who normally will the house work, a good over only for right now to provide them with a rest? Or you possess a neighbour who’s less youthful because they were, what about offering to help with chores this No Housework Day?However you decide to celebrate, remember to sit down back and lift a (most probably dirty) glass towards the kind soul who invented it!

Do you do housework every day???????

yep, my husband and i both do. if the President said he was coming over for lunch, it would only take us 10 minutes to have the house perfect. we steam clean once a month, never go to bed with dirty dishes, vacuum at least every other day, he makes our bed, we clean the kids room several times a day, all my laundry is always clean and put away....i need to clean last nights ashes out of the fire place and that's it.

neither of us can function well in clutter. we don't spend much time cleaning really, just a little every day and it's always clean.

Is it normal to feel overwhelmed by housework every day?

Is it normal to feel overwhelmed by housework every day?

I am a home school teacher for a family of seven. I guess you could say that I work beyond-full time as well. I have gleaned ideas from different people and different sites through the years. My two most favorite sites for tips on managing family and chores are and Have you been to either of those sites? Oh, I also have found some good tips at Maybe some information from one of those families will help you. As for me, I have a schedule for the laundry. Two to three loads of laundry get done each day; nothing is done on Sunday unless an emergency like a soiled bed changes my plans. I have a master schedule in the laundry room. For example, Thursday morning is set aside for twin bedding. Everyone brings their bedding to me or it doesn't get done. I train our children to do their own wash, too. Every child ten years of age or older is expected to do his own laundry on the scheduled day and at the scheduled time. If the child just doesn't do it, he has to wait until the next week. That helps keep the kids serious about doing their chores at the right time. That also keeps the work deligated. Even my husband does his own laundry and ironing. The rule is: If you want to wear it, you need to wash it. I do their bedding, the towels, my own laundry and the laundry of every child under ten years old. I also take extra time out of my schedule to make sure that I am training my children to do the chores properly. It takes more time to help children participate in the clean-up of a home, but the time taken to teach them pays off in the long run. I actually spend very little time in the kitchen or dining room after each meal. The time I spend is in cooking the meals. Now that my oldest is 16 and my youngest is 5, the children are all able to get just about every clean-up task done, including cleaning off the chairs after each meal, without me. Even if your children are young, I would start now teaching them and delegating whatever is age-appropriate. The bottom line, though, is that the kids grow up so fast. If you are spending all your extra time cleaning up their messes without them, you will be spending less and less time with them as they grow up and away from you. Get them and your husband involved and train your whole family how to pitch in. Hey, even a two-year-old child can put his dirty dishes into the sink and "wipe" his table area with a wet cloth. It won't seem like heaps of help at the moment, but it will set the stage for him to become better at work. It will also give you both a little sweet time together. If you have the right attitude, including the kids can even make the jobs less monotonous!

Hugs and much understanding,

Sharon :)

How much time do you spend on housework every day?

How much time do you spend on housework every day?

The reason you feel that way is because it is neverending.

I've got my cleaning down to about 2 hours a day. That includes cooking time, I clean while I cook. These days, it's just me and my animals, it was a lot more work with the whole family at home. I trained my kids when they were little to pick up after themselves and BE CLEAN. That really made a big difference.

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