No Pants Subway Ride Day 2024 is on Friday, January 12, 2024: No pants subway ride?

Friday, January 12, 2024 is No Pants Subway Ride Day 2024. Global No Pants Subway Ride 2014 No Pants Subway Ride 2011

No pants subway ride?

No Pants Subway Ride is unofficial prank that started by Charlie Todd, Improve Everywhere with few of his friends.

They're goal to get on assignment train.

Before reaching 1st assignment stop, they take pants off in front of public soon as doors closed, put in backpack, purse/shopping bag/suitcase, then next two persons take pants off and do the same thing.

They have to do normal activity they do on bus, subway, lightrail, Skytrain.

If you sleep or read book with pants on, you do that with pantless.

Rules are: Able to keep straight face.

If passengers ask why you took pants off, you have to tell them you forgot you pants or it's getting uncortable.

This is way to keep spirit of pranks alived.

No Pants Subway Ride happens during Sunday of January of cold month and across global beside New York.

There are lots of cities and countries joined New Yorkers for No Pants Subway Ride on bus, train, Skytrain, Lightrail, etc.

What do you think of ’No pants subway ride’ day?

What do you think of 'No pants subway ride' day?

Free spirits that buck the norms of society. I do agree with you and lemon. That's weird, even by my standards.

Skinny dipping? Not in a public pool! Different story.

How many women have been sexually assaulted during the "no pants" subway ride?

How many women have been sexually assaulted during the "no pants" subway ride?

What subway, where and what time of day?

The no pants ride sounds like an invitation.

I guess people in big cities make up their

own sporting events for a little excitement.

In the past I have been on subways in New York, London [which I loved]

Paris, Chicago, San Francisco and Washington DC, but never

seen the game you mention.

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