Nylon Stockings Day 2024 is on Wednesday, May 15, 2024: Was the creator of nylon stockings a fetishist?

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Was the creator of nylon stockings a fetishist?

Likely was. Fortunately, I live out that fantasy with my wife all the time. She wears sheer, nude-colored thigh-high stockings to the office every day, and I'm the lucky recipient of that nylon "experience" at the end of her day. From experience, the scent is amazing, by the way.

nylon stockings or tights ?

nylon stockings or tights ?

I wear pantyhose just about every day to work and when I hit the town on weekends. In the summer I wear thigh highs more and stockings to big meetings or parties. I prefer stockings because of how they look and feel but the cost vs. pantyhose is a killer! Thigh highs are the only way to go in the summer on those hot days but are too much of a pain for every day.


Companies That Make 100% Nylon Stockings?

Companies That Make 100% Nylon Stockings?

Unfortunately, that seems to be the going rate, even amongst most contemporary companies that manufacture them today. One big stumbling block is that the vast majority of them are based in Europe, so shipping becomes a large expense (unless you're buying large quantities at a time) even if the stockings themselves are relatively affordable (and most of the European brands, like Cervin and Gio, are not cheap). There are a few American-based internet retailers that import them and then pass the cost along to you in the price, but this doesn't solve the problem either. Hepburn & Leigh in the UK () is relatively affordable with a favorable exchange rate, and their shipping is among the most reasonable of international retailers I've encountered.

I've found a couple major gems for buying such stockings for my girlfriend, and I can strongly recommend them. Magnolia Hosiery () in Mississippi manufacture all their authentic, 100% nylon fully-fashioned stockings domestically, and ask roughly $12-$17 per pair. They offer essentially only 1 style (a Cuban heel), but in a variety of body/seam color combinations. What Katie Did () manufacture reproductions of a variety of vintage lingerie and hosiery; the stockings range from $10-$15 "imitations" of vintage seamed nylon stockings (they're made of nylon and have decorative seams, but are not "fully-fashioned" with actual structural seams, finishing loop, etc.) to $33 authentic reproductions of vintage fully-fashioned stockings (complete with structural seam, Cuban heel, and all the other trappings thereof). Both of these major categories come in a decent assortment of color combos, but note that they're all very vintage-influenced, and so tend to lean mostly towards the nude/copper/tan hues. They have a small boutique in Los Angeles my girlfriend and I frequent, but they ship anywhere in the US out of a Hollywood warehouse.

Anyway, I really hope this helps! Happy hunting!

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