Oatmeal Month on January, 2023: 10 month old and oatmeal?

January, 2023 is Oatmeal Month 2023. January is National Oatmeal Month is National Oatmeal Month!

Oatmeal Month

Actually, there is a month for oatmeal. An entire month! What goes on by eating porridge for breakfast time for any month? Nothing bad, that’s without a doubt. Oatmeal is really a positive thing. A bowl of porridge each morning is a superb breakfast.Every single day for any month, though? Won’t it get boring? Not should you ring the alterations using the toppings!What’s your favourite porridge topping? Jam is definitely a champion. A sprinkling of cinnamon along with a swirl of honey alllow for an attractive combination. More unusual ideas include peanut butter, sunflower seed products, and – be cautious with this particular – a dusting of instant coffee granules.A suggestion: even when you want your porridge really sweet, a pinch of salt is important for offering the flavors from the oatmeal. Take it easy, it will not allow it to be salty, however it will make Oatmeal Month extra tasty.

10 month old and oatmeal?

The oatmeal is fine, the cinnamon is ok, the sugar is a no. At 10 months, babies are ready to have a diet that more closley reflects that of an adult (just mashed, borken, ground into baby sized pieces with no seasonings) So long as the oatmeal is a consistancy she can digest, it will be fine. The cinnamon would be fine to add, in small doses. Even jar baby food in stage 2 have cinnamon. As far as the sugar goes, there is no need for it. Babies have no need to have things sweetened like adults seem to. It can wreak havock on thier blood sugar level, and cause hyperactivity and weight gain. It is nothing but empty calories. The added cinnamon will do the trick just fine for flavor. Have fun and good luck!

Giving my 3 month year old baby oatmeal?

Giving my 3 month year old baby oatmeal?

Why are you asking these questions if you don't respect the opinions of the people giving answers?

A 3 month old is not ready to digest food, no matter how much that annoys you.

"Health experts and breastfeeding experts agree that it's best to wait until your baby is around six months old before offering solid foods. There has been a large amount of research on this in the recent past, and most health organizations have updated their recommendations to agree with current research. Unfortunately, many health care providers are not up to date in what they're telling parents, and many, many books are not up to date.

The following organizations recommend that all babies be exclusively breastfed (no cereal, juice or any other foods) for the first 6 months of life (not the first 4-6 months):

World Health Organization


US Department of Health & Human Services

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Family Physicians

American Dietetic Association

Australian National Health and Medical Research Council

Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

Health Canada

Most babies will become developmentally and physiologically ready to eat solids by 6-9 months of age"

Is it safe to feed my 3 month old OATMEAL cereal?

Is it safe to feed my 3 month old OATMEAL cereal?

Oatmeal isnt recommended since there is a risk of developing allergies. Other than that it is safe to give oatmeal. If you can hold off on the oatmeal until 7 months that would be better. Start with iron fortified rice cereal .. the ones made from brown rice.. that is healthy as well. Oh and u can ignore the advice about not giving cereal before 6 months ! The AAP ( American Academy of Pediatricians ) RECOMMENDS supplementing with iron-fortified foods like rice cereal at 4 months. I have a book by the AAP and it is mentioned there that the Nutrition Dept of the AAP recommends it ! Ofcourse the best source of advice would be your baby's pediatrician.. since he/she is the one who wud examine your baby and know if he/she is ready for cereal. And ofcourse use your judgement too.. since noone knows your baby better than you do. Some 6+ month olds cannot handle rice cereal just becoz their systems are not ready to digest it yet.... and then there are 3 or 4 month olds that can digest solids better than some 6 month olds. Remember all these recommenations are just that .. recommendations and not a mandatory rule ! Each baby is an individual... so its the parent and the baby's doc that can decide whats best for the baby !

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