Operation Iraqi Freedom Day 2024 is on Tuesday, March 19, 2024: Do you support or oppose Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Tuesday, March 19, 2024 is Operation Iraqi Freedom Day 2024. Operation Iraqi Freedom: Facts and figures - NY Daily News Operation Iraqi Freedom: Facts

Do you support or oppose Operation Iraqi Freedom?

I completely oppose this occupation.. that's what it is, whether some people want to admit it or not.. and on the contrary to your belief... I know for a fact ( I have many Iraqi friends) that the Iraqi people want the USA out!!

You think that people enjoy being afraid for their lives...you think that they enjoy not knowing if they are going to eat that day... you think that they like to bury their families one by one... you truly believe that?? because you are sadly mistaken and completely misled..

This war in Iraq is a bunch of crap... And people are completely blind to the facts...... to the reality of what these people are going through.. oh yah,, you see it the on the news..lol.. news... what a joke... you people need to open your eyes and you also need to reclaim your brains back... you are being so brainwashed... I can't help but sneer at the incredible stupidity of this world..

Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Operation Iraqi Freedom?

I believe that before you can Begin to judge, understand you should walk the walk. I'm for the cause.


Operation Iraqi Freedom..?

Operation Iraqi Freedom..?

Here is a media, that the regular liberal Media ignores....Lot's of good things are happening in Iraq. The Asker is absolutely correct, we only hear the negative things, death, destruction, and chaos. Look over these links, all you Liberal Lunatics, and see what is really going on..WE ARE WINNING !!!!!!

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