Paranormal Day 2021 is on Monday, May 3, 2021: Why paranormal things found at dark time? Why not the day light?

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Monday, May 3, 2021 is Paranormal Day 2021. May 3rd is Paranormal Day May 3rd is Paranormal Day

Paranormal Day

Paranormal Day is really a day for those individuals who have confidence in paranormal activity to talk about encounters all across the globe. At the minimum, it’s an excellent excuse to meet up with buddies watching a frightening movie!

Why paranormal things found at dark time? Why not the day light?

Paranormal events happen both during the day and at night. The reason most claims of activity happen at night is because that's when most people are home to experience them.

There's also a theory that between midnight and 3 AM, there is kind of a "silence" in different kinds of light and energy waves which makes it easier to detect paranormal activity because everything else is quieter.

Cameras can pick up things not seen by the human eye for a couple reasons. Sometimes, you just aren't paying enough attention to pick something up. You aren't focused in the correct location or something to see it yourself. Also, it could have something to do with the visible spectrum of light and the filters on your camera. Some cameras are able to pick up things humans cannot see because they can capture things in the ultraviolet or infrared spectrums, which are invisible to humans. This is why many of the cameras used in paranormal investigations are infrared or "IR" cameras. In a room that is completely dark to us, the IR can see clearly because it's reading a different spectrum of light. Many people believe that paranormal entities or phenomena can manifest more easily in the infrared or ultraviolet spectrums.

You need to be careful, though, because our brains are constantly searching for patterns. It's easy to mistake pixelation or fog from your breath as a face. We call that "matrixing" and it's very common. A lot of times when people are "seeing things" in their photographs, it's their brains finding patterns and things that aren't really there.

Electronic Voice Phenomena, or the sounds tape reecorders can occur for different reasons. You need to make sure that there is no human contamination. If you're using a tape recorder, you also need to make sure you're not experiencing audio matrixing, which is your brain again trying to recognize patterns and things that aren't really there. The sound of a tape turning while it's recording actually gets recorded....and that can make some really interesting sounds. This is why paranormal investigators use external microphones with their tape get the microphone away from the tape. We're also using digital audio recorders now, which eliminates that problem. Odd sounds can also be picked up depending on what sort of surface the recorder has been placed on. Hard or reflective surfaces will bounce sounds right back into the recorder, contaminating whatever might be captured. Holding a recorder may also do that. I've listened to recordings by fellow investigators who made a lot of noise just moving their hand around, and we had to throw that audio out. It's best to set recorders on a towel or something soft that will absorb sound.

Along with this...some people speculate that stray radio waves can get picked up by audio recorders. I have mixed feelings about this, personally. On one hand, if you call the recorder manufacturers, they will get OFFENDED if you ask if this happens, because they see that as a defect in their product. Audio recorders *shouldn't* pick up stray radio or cell phone waves. That doesn't mean it doesn't happen...but it shouldn't be happening. A way investigators avoid this problem is by asking direct questions. "Ghosts" are going to speak regardless of if they're interviewed or not...but if you're asking specific questions, you're more likely to get a direct response. If you ask "what is your name?" and you get the response "bob"...there's less of a chance that you've picked up a stray radio wave saying "bob" at just that moment. Know what I'm saying?

And as for your last question. No. You do not need to slow the recordings down in order to hear what is paranormal. In fact, you shouldn't do that because it can cause all kinds of matrixing problems. Listen through audio one time with noise-cancelling headphones. If you don't hear anything, there's a chance you just didn't catch it. If you're uploading it to a computer, watch the amplitude and stuff....the little zig-zaggy lines that you see when audio plays....and see if there aren't any really faint bumps. If you see anything that looks abnormal, amplify it and see if it's anything, but usually credible EVP's are audible without the help.

I'd also like to add my opinion about orbs. If you're seeing orbs in your photographs, chances are they're absolutely nothing. Too often people claim that reflections on dust or moisture in the air or even hard surfaces are "spirits" and that just isn't true. A "true orb" is just a collection of energy....electricians see orbs....there's nothing spiritual about them...and these objects produce their own light and are pretty rare in paranormal investigation. Not that they would really matter, anyway. There's no proof that a ball of energy is related to spiritual activity, and if we know how they are produced or what they are, then they aren't exactly PARAnormal, are they?

Does paranormal phenomena occur during the day?

Does paranormal phenomena occur during the day?

Paranormal activity can occur at any time, day or night. Daytime tends to have more distractions for investigators though, both visual and auditory, just due to daytime being more active in terms of general business of the physically living.

Do you think there are too many authors writing paranormal these days?

Do you think there are too many authors writing paranormal these days?

Truthfully the genre keeps expanding. Paranormal is now in romance, fantasy, sci fi, mystery, drama, and young adult sections depending on the author. You can find paranormal comedies, with traditional gothic paranormal. The female heroines are so powerful that it makes women feel empowered through them. Similarly these characters despite their masculine ways, and their magic and positions they always seem to find some sexy hunky alpha male. That makes real women believe in love, remember that there is a top for every pot.

---- Star Wars debuted in 1977 since then we've had more movies and television shows based on space travel and the future, not less. Trends grow they don't tend to stop and with each generation of writers comes a new generation of readers and they don't want to all read about stuffy old vampires some want to read about the modern day transformation. Some want to read about how werewolves have stayed hidden so long and how witches have assimilated into society.

-- Readers will keep demanding fresh stories on old themes otherwise the publishing industry would have come to a grinding halt many years ago.

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