Parental Alienation Day 2023 is on Tuesday, April 25, 2023: Parental Alienation

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Tuesday, April 25, 2023 is Parental Alienation Day 2023. Fight Parental Alienation - Ex alienating you from your kids?‎ Hire experts in PAS science & law.

Parental Alienation??

i wished i had some words to say to help you, i don't know what to say.

every day is a new start, you have a life to live even if your closest people don't like you, just pull back from them for a while and you'll see that they will come back appologizing for they've done to you, give them space, give them time, i know it hurts but at least you save yourself.

good luck to everything you decide to do, you are clever and and a wise adult and i'm sure you will figure something out.

parental alienation syndrome?

parental alienation syndrome?


I'm not an expert on the subject, but I recently read an article about in Best Life magazine (May '06 edition). From what I can recall, parental alienation syndrome is not accepted universally by psychologists as an actual pschological condition. Courts continue to rule against the parent who is the subject of the alienation. Many courts will not force a child to leave their mother's / father's home if they do not want to leave and go see the alienated parent.

The magazine had a few suggestions on how to overcome being alienated, without using expensive lawyers.

1. Never talk bad about your ex in front of your kids, no matter what. Eventually they will tire of the constant badmouthing and brainwashing your ex attempts to feed them, day in and day out.

2. Make you home a sanctuary. Your home should be a place for an escape from the troubles of the world, not a place of increased stress. Let your kids be kids while they're at your home and don't burden them with the bickerings going on between adults.

3. Be consistant with discipline. Avoid the temptation to one-up a child's mother with regular extravagent weekends to theme parks, expensive gifts and toys. Of course, birthdays and holidays are an exception.

4. These things all take time and sometimes you may not overcome parental alienation syndrome until your child grows up, leaves home, and sees the world through a new set of eyes. They will most likely realize the brainwashing attempts of the offending parent for what they are. A brainwashing parent cannot keep a child under his or her blanket of lies forever, and in many cases, the child will seek reconciliation with the parent who had been alienated.

I hope you find this somewhat encouraging if you are having to deal with parental alienation syndrome right now.

Is this parental alienation?

Is this parental alienation?

He's telling her what he thinks she wants to hear. In 1998, UCLA did a study of 300 children. A medical student did a cursory examination of them, alone in a room. It was video taped through a two way mirror.

For 8 days, their mothers spent one hour a day questioning them once a day about what took place in the room. At the end of the time period, all 300 had elaborate stories of sexual abuse.

You husband needs to move on this quickly to be prepared for an official allegation of abuse.

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