Personal History Month on May, 2023: Should we get rid of Black History Month?

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May, 2023 is Personal History Month 2023. Five Question Challenge–School Memories Family History Month here

Should we get rid of Black History Month?

No. That's your personal opinion but we live a race base country. If you Google and did a little bit more research, you will know other ethic group have month or week for their heritage too. I don't think a person who isn't of that heritage should tell a minority group how to celebrate their heritage. R u 4 ending St. Patrick's Day? America is a melting pot and I think that’s what make us great. I don’t understand why everyone always complain about Black History month when each month there’re celebration for some ethic group. Who is going to decide to end it. I don't minorities especially African American will let that happen. If you don't want to teach your children or yourself about tolerance and understand, that's your right but others feel differently. §


Black History Month was created by the African American scholar Dr. Carter G. Woodson. The celebration is intended to inform the public and recognize famous African-Americans who made significant contributions to American culture and society.


Black History Month is a celebration that provides a way for the general public to learn about the contributions of African Americans in American culture. February was the chosen month because it is the month in which many African American figures were born.


Educational institutions use Black History Month celebrations as a tool to raise awareness of the contributions of African Americans to American society. The celebrations also feature famous African Americans such as Martin Luther King Jr., Frederick Douglass and Langston Hughes.

Cinco de Mayo - Mexican Holidays May 5th.

European History Month

Personal opinions on black history month?

Personal opinions on black history month?

When is brown history month? Or white, or asian, or native american?

It's seems very obvious to me that's unfair, but so is the United Negro college fund, the black congressional coccus, the Miss Black America pageant. and so on. Apparently reverse racism is OK.

Personally I think it's BS!

No More Black history month!?

No More Black history month!?

to prove that ignorance is bliss...

NOVEMBER is native american heritage month. thank you for noticing.

the reason there are separate months to focus on the contributions of other groups in usa is for a hundred years, their history was excluded from teachings of history in schools. when i was in school every month was "white history month" and all we ever heard about was "great white leaders" and their accomplishments!

when things are finally equeal, only then can you do away with special history months. it hasn't happened yet.

i guess you should study that history a bit harder.

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