Pet Rock Day 2021 is on Tuesday, September 14, 2021: Should I get a pet rock?

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Tuesday, September 14, 2021 is Pet Rock Day 2021. printinginaz: The Next Pet Rock in the 70's a Pet Rock was

Should I get a pet rock?

A pet rock is a fun and loyal companion. It is especially good if you are not allowed to have a pet. Find out how to care for your new little buddy and how to give him the best life he could ever possibly have!


1. Go outside and choose a pet rock. Make sure that it isn't too small, and you won't lose it in your pocket/room. The rock can be, around at the least, one inch. You can get a smaller rock if you are sure you won't lose it. Also make sure that the rock is nice, and that you want it. You don't have to care if its dirty since you can wash it later.

2. Give your pet rock a name. Also, choose if it's a boy or a girl. Have a unique name. Try not to choose Rocky unless you really want to.

3. Paint your pet rock. It should be a fun pattern such as polka dots or stripes. You can also just make your rock a solid color, or one side one color, and another side another color! Painting your rock black isn't very creative, but you can if you want to. You can also put on googly eyes, if you want. But if you prefer the plain rock look, nothings stopping you!

4. Find a travel bag. This is very useful, so you can put can travel with your rock! Make sure the bag is a nice fit, and that your rock can fit in it without a tight struggle.

5. Make your rock a house. There's no place like home! Take doll furniture, or even make your own! The house could be a shoebox, a shelf, a drawer,a box, anything! Make sure that you can fit all of your rocks things in there, too.


* Pet rocks get lonely sometimes, so make sure that they have at least one friend, but two friends is better.

* To give your pet rocks food a bit of variety add some food colouring to the sand. you could have a different colour for each meal, or for each day of the week!

* If you find your rock is getting agressive, calm it down with a warm bath and some candles with it. Relaxing in your bed and listening to some quiet music after its bath calms it down.

* Pet rocks are very social animals, so make them a family or even a whole colonie of rocks.


* If your pet rock is painted, do not give it a bath!! It will make the paint come off!!

* If your pet rock is painted, do not take it for a walk!! This will make the googly eyes and paint come off!!

* Your pet rock will bite you every once in a while, put ice on the wound and a band aid, and disinfect it.

* Don't get spoil your pet rock too much, it will get bratty.

* Don't ever abandon your pet rock, they are very sensitive souls.

What gift can I get my pet rock for Valentine’s Day?

What gift can I get my pet rock for Valentine's Day?

Pet Rocks are snuggly and loving. They love to sit around and watch and observe surroundings.You should take youu pet rock with you all day, maybe get her a companion rock and a name. Maybe, you can get her a rock house [make it out of lego] or a rock pool [ shallow container, maybe one inch depending on size of rock ].

what do you feed a pet rock?

what do you feed a pet rock?

Pet rocks are very shy, and they only need feeding once a month. They are surprisingly sensitive, and they do not breed. You should get your pet rock a girlfriend, because they get lonely unless you stare into their eyes for 5 hours every day. Different pet rocks like to eat different things, mine only likes water. I have heard of pebbles, or urine. Experiment, and always try to make your pet rock happy and healthy.

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