Photo Month on May, 2023: Photo pose ideas for 10 month old and 5 month old?

May, 2023 is Photo Month 2023. Children's Health Month Children's Health Month Logo

Photo Month

Digital camera models, instant printing and effective software makes photography broadly available and accessible some cameras on cell phones convey more energy than commercial cameras from under about ten years ago, and also the pace of improvement continues. Photo Month encourages you to employ all this technology and energy, and to take a few incredible photographs.

Photo pose ideas for 10 month old and 5 month old?

Photo poses for littles, ...

red and green elf jammies wrapped under christmas tree,

dressed as their favorite tv characters, in action poses,

basic stand and sit poses together in front of coloured wash backdrop,

Outdoor candid photos on snow or home location, sleigh, or water pool, or Macdonald's play area,

capture them individually as they sleep with low lighting candle glow,

family set with parents and littles in classic pose,

if you have video camera, record them dancing or moving to seasonal songs, and place on dvd, or photo-frame,

auto car seat poses wrapped and seat belts poses, sleeping or awake,

try to get your mom to poses in front of fireplace or rockin chair, then super impose two grandchildren beside or on lap ,

find apparel from Ellen Degeneres Show shop, and pose them in pseudo Guest Chair ,

if you have pets, place pets into pose shots, in elf suits, and wrapping,


Calender Month Photos?

Calender Month Photos?

January: New Years Eve Party :o

February: Loners who don't have anyone (such as myself)


April: A trickster?

May: Exam Booklet :l

June: Paper in the garbage because school is over


August: The most beautiful month in the year, symbolized with a leo Oh why dont you just use the horoscope or zodiac symbols?

September: Leaves changing color like the ones we saw when we went to Sav. A lot

October: Old women giving out apples or us dressed as ghosts.. for another year ;)


December: Igloos

6 month photo shoot ideas?

6 month photo shoot ideas?

You really need to know that the baby in the shot is the boss. There is nothing else to think about here. The photo shoot of your baby needs to be built around their moods. Even though this is the truth, there are some tricks you can use to help you get a little more out of your photographs when shooting your babies.

Remember, some of the best shots of babies are when they are laughing. This can easily be done when they are playing so shoot away as they play and you will get a great shot.

Ensure that you learn the babies personality and sync yourself with them. This way the pictures will look natural and will be the best shots possible. That is the shot that will last a lifetime.

When the setup is done in the room the baby will have their photo taken in have the backdrop set up in front of some of the babies toys. Have the baby interact with the toys, the parents and siblings.

You need to ensure that your baby is well rested and was recently fed.

Good luck! :)

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