Pursuit of Happiness Week on November, 2024: Pursuit of happiness?

Pursuit of Happiness Week 2024. Pursuit of Happiness is the debut studio album by electronica act Weekend Players, and so far remains their only album.

Pursuit of Happiness Week

Pursuit of Happiness is the debut studio album by electronica act Weekend Players, and so far remains their only album.

Pursuit of happiness?

I'm the back sheep of the family according to business orientated relatives.

I didn't pursue the almighty dollar.

I lived in non-English speaking countries for about 6 years.

I worked with charities without hording much cash till I was 30ish.

I started having kids about that time, so took better paying jobs ... but the contract jobs allowed me to take at least 6 weeks off a year to donate time to charity work at different times

Even though many still see me as the black sheep in the family, my kids are great, I love my family, but the mortgage is a pain in the butt

Pursuit of happiness?

Pursuit of happiness?

OK a year is long enough to mope about it.

Now set the beer can down and lay off the weed.

Eat healthy and get some exercise and go to places where you can meet some new people.

You will be surprised how much different things are in a couple of weeks

Love and blessings don

Pursuit of happiness? Someone ?

Pursuit of happiness? Someone ?

Me too, to almost everything you said, I even asked a similar question of Answers a few weeks ago. It's horrible not knowing your meaning in life, but the 'pursuit of happiness' is often something which stupid, selfish people tell themselves to validate their pointless existence. Not always, though. Maybe 'evasion of suffering' makes more sense.

I've taken a year off uni, where I did English Lit., creative writing and philosophy, so I can get some money together and go traveling, without any particular direction for a few months. To 'find myself' - the usual cliche :)

If you want my advice, you should try to finish your A Levels, because you might decide in a few years you want to do something which requires a degree or similar, and people often regret dropping out of 6th form college/school. A popular charitable work placement is teaching the English language to foreigners in every country you can imagine, so at least an A Level in english would be beneficial for you if this interests you. I had a cousin who spent 6 months in Africa, teaching kids to play football, which sounds amazing.

If and when you go abroad traveling or working for a charity etc, make sure you attempt to sort out any problems that originated at home before you go, or you may find that your trip is ruined by your past.

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