Respect For Parents 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: Why do schools not respect parents?


Sunday, August 1, 2021 is Respect For Parents 2021. The commandment Honour your father and your mother is one of the Ten Commandments in the Hebrew Bible.

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The commandment Honour your father and your mother is one of the Ten Commandments in the Hebrew Bible.

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Parental respect may refer to:

Why do schools not respect parents?

Schools and teachers respect parents. And every teacher will tell you that like any group, with any size class you have a few winners, a few losers and everyone else is somewhere in the middle.

The problem is parents tend to be either horribly neglectful these days or obsessively intrusive and overbearing. Teachers and schools need to find one-size-fits-all policies with the occasional need for individual attention.

One last thing is that while parents are important, simply becoming a parent does not endow you with profound wisdom and it certainly doesn't mean a parent is, or should be, objective about their kids. Kids in school often need objective assessments to help them along in their young lives...this is the invaluable public service that teachers/schools provide. Parents obviously don't like this because more and more parents blindly believe that THEIR numbskulls are special and will rule the world eventually.

I'm guessing your child was disciplined or you were told something you didn't like...what's the deal?

why should we respect our parents?

why should we respect our parents?

respect them for what they've done for you. It takes a pretty big screw-up for them to have done absolutely nothing and the bad has outweighed the good. But I actually see what you mean. I'm the one who brought my kids into the world, I'm their mother and I owe it to them to do the best I can for them. Sure, there are supports and services etc in society and schools and everything, but there's no substitute for a good mother. If I crapped out on them things would be a lot tougher for them, and that's a horrible thing to make their lives.

I'd like to think they'll always appreciate what I do for them, though, and respect me for what I have done. But at the same time I don't demand it of them. If I've done something to lose their respect then that's going to make my job as a parent much harder, because if they can't trust and respect me enough to let me guide them, that makes it rougher for them. It's a 2 way thing, respect. I'd also like to think they respect me enough to be honest and open, even if what they say isn't something I want to hear. And if we disagree about issues, then we disagree. That shouldn't have anything to do with respect.

Respect that's demanded is not true respect. It's politeness, and simply means to hide yourself and your thoughts from that person. Respect that's earnt is respect. And true respect is deeper than any petty moralizing etc.

But don't forget there's a difference between respect and trust. Have you given your parents a reason not to trust you and have mistaken that with not respecting you? Different issues entirely. Trust has to be earnt too, and as parents we can't just let our kids do whatever. It doesn't mean we don't respect them. It means we just need extra reassurance that you're OK.

Do You Respect Your Parents?

Do You Respect Your Parents?

I do respect my parents in many ways & love them also. Even though I grew up in an abusive home with parents who fought all the time & eventually divorced after 25 yrs. of marriage. I respect them for doing the best they could seeing as how they both came from abusive homes. I see them differently now that I'm older. I see them more as "people" and respect them for their many accomplishments. It took me a long time to really mean that because I had a lot of anger towards them for a while. I finally realized that they were just people like you & me doing the best we can to get through life.

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