Safety Pup Day 2025 is on Wednesday, February 12, 2025: What day did your chihuahua give birth?

Wednesday, February 12, 2025 is Safety Pup Day 2025. February had safety pup since 2001.

What day did your chihuahua give birth?

A normal dogs pregnancy lasts between 58-65 days. 71 is a very long time to carry puppies take the dog to the vet anything more than 67 days in my opinion for the dogs safety. The best way to determine a dogs due date count from the last time the dog was tied. It generally only takes one time for a female to get pregnant once tied. But, it could take several times even if it does count from the last time the male and female tie. 24-48 hours before the due date take the females temp rectually if it drops under 100 degrees and stays low she is pretty close to having contractions so stay by her side so she doesnt experience distocia (labor complications). Some females even vomit right before they start haveing contractions that is another sign among many more those are the obvious signs.

how do i know when my hamster will be ready to conceive pups?

how do i know when my hamster will be ready to conceive pups?

My Syrian hamster is currently raising 8 healthy pups, so I will tell you the symptoms.

Their gestation period is usually around 17 days after mating.

It takes about 10 days to get pregnant after mating(then the 17 days begin)

As the days go by, her nipples will start to show(in the last week or days)

She will begin to build a nest

(provide nesting material like toilet paper and shredded paper, no newspaper ink has chemicals!)

Appetite will definitely increase, maybe even a bit aggressive.

Over the days, her belly will also begin to show(avoid picking her up so much for the pups' safety)

Be sure to give her lots of protein to prevent cannibalism(her eating the pups)

By protein, I mean like boiled eggs and sunflower seeds.

Last Minute Symptoms:

She will either be jumpy or rather calm(every hamster reacts differently)

Mine lay in her nest for the last few days befor birth and was rather calm.

She will breath heavily and faster in the last few hours of birth.

(Seperate the male and female before time as the male will eat the babies, get a new cage)

After Birth:

Leave mom and the babies alone in a quiet room.

Do not disturb them, if she feels threatened in any way, she will eat them!

Give her lots of protein.

Happy Mom=Happh Babies!

That's the Golden Rule!The most important part is leave them alone and keep mom well-fed to avoid her eating her babies. And don't forget to pray! It can get pretty nerve racking because she could eat her babies....always pray! That what I did and none of the babies got eaten!(:


How do i car train my pup?

How do i car train my pup?

When you say "messes" does that mean he poops and pees as well as throws up? After a pup eats, it is usually about 30 min to one hour and they got to poop and pee. So be sure to leave enough time for the pup to poop and pee before leaving the house. Go on short drives. Around the block once. Several times a day if that's possible for you. If successful, give him a treat! Watch for the symptoms they are about to throw up. The heaving, like dry heaves and find a place to pull over as fast and safely as possible and get the pup out. (Keep your pup on a leash in the vehicle so you can have some control over the pup instantly and with doors open.. (You didn't mention if you crated him while driving. Don't. Be sure you have your windows open no more so that he can get his muzzle out. Don't let the dogs head out the window up to their neck. If you had to suddenly brake, the dog would be thrown forward, head still out the window, the body to the floor and you just broke your dog's neck. (It happened to my cousin). There are dog safety belts. Open the window enough for the dog to get a wiff of the fresh air with just his muzzle out. Keep him facing forward or backward, not looking out the side. If it takes a friend to help you do this, do it. (Bring plenty of towels or an old comforter for your friends lap.) Play soft gentle music, keep the vehicle airy even if you have to wear a jacket, always pet and soothe him constantly. Talk to him, distract him by your voice, perhaps "singing"!. I have bucket seats in a pick-up truck. I bought a long runner rug with a rubber bottom and lay the seat back as far has it will recline and lay the carpet on it to protect my upolstery

Don't fret. I had a dog that used to puke all the time and she grew out of it, like kids getting car sick. Main thing: Give him time to poop and pee (you watching that he does, reward him). Take a trip around the block each day instead of the park. Reward him again if no "messes". Drive further and further. Make it exciting for him to want to go for a ride.. I get my dogs all reved up by being really excited and happily saying "you wanna go for a ride?" Jingling my keys, I keep saying this for about five minutes while I gather my stuff to go. Make it a good happy thing for them. It will work out if you remain persistant and consistant. P & C is all you need to know to train your dog. Good Luck! You'll get through it and so will your pup! Carol

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