Say Something Nice Day 2023 is on Thursday, June 1, 2023: Has everyone have a nice day?

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Thursday, June 1, 2023 is Say Something Nice Day 2023. Mayor Summey Proclaims Say Something Nice Day « Mitch Carnell Say Something Nice Day

Say Something Nice Day

Say Something Nice Day started in Charleston, Sc, once the Mayors of North Charleston and Charleston joined together with people from the Charleston-Atlantic Presbytery and also the Sc Baptist Convention to produce a day to become kind towards the special individuals our way of life, like our kids. It is also each day to keep in mind and celebrate people, who give to us a number of services, for example bus motorists, health care employees and instructors. And, it’s an excellent chance to apologize to individuals that people may have harmed or hurt through our behavior. The goal of valentine's day would be to combat unkindness, bullying and the possible lack of pleasantness that rules contemporary society. The designers hope that that one day's pleasantness will grow, until individuals are nice to one another everyday.Set a good example and encourage your kids to become nice to one another about this day.

Has everyone have a nice day?

Q:Nice Christmas dinner?

Not yet. Everyone's scrambling so much they're all getting aggravated.

Q:Any family fall outs?

My dad's quite annoyed that my brother's gift (Skyrim) won't work.

Q:Whats your favourite present so far?

My 23" HD flatscreen.

Q:Watch anything good on tele?

Some Doctor Who on BBC.

Q:Did everyone like the presents you bought?

Heck yea, my presents kicked arse!

Q:Its not over yet, but so far, has everyone had a good day?

Me and my two sister's Christmas has been pretty good. Can't say the same for my brother and parents.

what is today is a nice day in spanish?

what is today is a nice day in spanish?

Today is a nice day = Hoy es un buen día/ Hoy el día está Bonito

You had a little mistake, that's why people don't understand you, it's really a tiny mistake, so maybe they are not being cooperative.

It's a little windy today but its a nice day=Hace un poco viento pero es un buen día/ Hace un poco viento pero el dia está bonito

It was warmer yesterday, but today it's nice: Ayer hacía más calor (estaba más cálido) pero hoy también es un buen día,

Today it's warmer than yesterday: Hoy el día está más cálido que ayer (hace menos calor)

A little bit cloudy and a little bit windy but its nice out = Está un poco nublado y hay algo de viento pero está lindo el día.

what is a cookout in spanish: Like a BBQ?

"Parrillada, (in Chile) Asado, Barbacoa"

what is grill in spanish: "Parrilla"

what is car trunk: "Maletero"

A little cloudy, it might rain some but its nice out : Está un poco nublado y pareciera que fuera a llover, pero el día está bonito.

is it a nice day for. . . .?

is it a nice day for. . . .?

It's a nice day to start again.

It's a nice day for a white wedding!

It's a nice day to start again.

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