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Seed Swap Day

All budding home gardeners available, who enjoy growing baby plants, will love Seed Swap Day. However happen to be changing seed products since time started, nowadays people usually buy seed products and thee old skill of changing seed products is vanishing from your culture. The very first official seed swap day occured on 26th The month of january 2006, in Washington Electricity, and it is now a nationwide ‘day’. It’s each day where home gardeners can get together and swap the seed products using their best plants, which is ideal for enhancing the bio-diversity, from our area.Why don't you possess a seed day party with buddies and neighbours or perhaps your local allotment group, if you need to allotment? Everybody must bring a few of their own seed products to swap, so try breaking from the usual, and swap yours by having an heirloom variety rather. Everybody attending the big event could bring something to talk about, what about something produced from their very own produce?!

2013 Wimbledon seeds?

The seedings have not yet been announced; but Nadal will be fifth.

In years gone by, the seedings were done by the Wimbledon committee, and if that was still the case then they would almost certainly have promoted to four.

However, a few years back, under pressure from those who thought that common sense shouldn't be allowed, Wimbledon changed to a mathematical formula. Basically, they now take ATP standings, modified by bonuses for grass tournaments. They add all grass points from 2012, plus 75% of each player's best grass tournament from 2011.

Since Nadal only played Wimbledon last year, and got knocked out early, this will not see him move above Ferrer. (Edit: I've just remembered that for this year only points from the Olympics (grass) also count, and since Nadal missed those, that also conspires against him).

So: Wimbledon would LIKE to swap Ferrer/Nadal, but they can't.

Seeds that resemble Cannabis seeds?

Seeds that resemble Cannabis seeds?

There's a very good chance you weren't born yet the last time I was around pot seeds (about 30 years ago.) Despite that, I remember what they look like. I'm a gardener now, and prefer seeds to plants, if possible, but I've sowed a lot of seeds in my life (including a couple of pot seeds. lol) I do notice, sometimes, that seeds look like pot seeds. The truth is pot is an unremarkable seed, as are a wide variety of seeds. (At least, they're big enough to pick them up, one at a time. You should see some of the seeds I grow. You practically need a magnifying glass th see they are seeds. Royal pain to pick them up. lol) So, yes, I've seen several variety of seeds that look like pot seeds. They're not. I even know there is a spice that looks like pot, but it's not. (I think one of the types of peppers, but not black pepper.)

As for worrying about getting caught with them, cops are fairly smart people, even if they do pick you up for seeds on you. My cousin took his grandmothers station wagon out one night and got pulled over and arrested for, what looked like a whole baggy of pot seeds. His grandmother had to go to the station to prove to the cops that they were her seeds. She was a gardener, too, so had they been able to see the back of the wagon better in the dark of night, they would have seen a whole bunch of dried flowers, branches, dead leaves, and dirt. She used her car for gardening purpose all the time, and merely left a baggy of seed she swapped with another gardener. Eventually the cops figure out, "that's not pot."

I also suspect "Special Red" has nothing to do with pot. It's probably a company that sells seeds to eat, and if you look closer at their selection, I'd be surprised to find out they don't sell sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, and other kinds of seeds people eat legally all the time.

As for growing it? Nothing to worry about. Hemp is illegal to grow or buy in the States - even the kind that makes rope. No one is crazy enough to sell it in a regular grocery store.

What should i eat during the day if im on a diet?

What should i eat during the day if im on a diet?

Firstly, stop saying to yourself 'I'm fat and I need to lose lots of weight!'

Try and say to yourself, 'I want to get fit and be healthy'

The best way to start getting healthy is to have a balanced lifestyle - including a balanced diet, exercise and sufficient sleep. Of course there are other factors such as being social with friends and family but also time management - these things play an important role in how we go about achieving a balanced diet, exercise and getting plenty of sleep.

On the balanced diet side of things here goes:


Try to drink water where possible and as much as you can. Around 2L of water a day. This will also help with your food cravings as we often mistake thirst for hunger. Carry a bottle of water around with you (I find that helps me). You can drink cups of tea (without sugar).

Avoid - artificial sweeteners, sodas and energy drinks.


Protein Powder (100% Whey is best. Studies show that too much soy is bad for you)

Kangaroo meat (is the leanest, best source of protein and high in iron (too bad if you don't live in Australia))

Chicken Breast (very lean)

Lamb - heart healthy steak

Lean beef (heart healthy variety)

Tuna steak

Canned Tuna




Dark leaf greens

- Spinach/baby spinach






Sweet potatoes (yams)









- strawberries

- blueberries

- rasberries




Kiwi fruit

Avocados!! (They are so good for you and full of antioxidants!!!)



Brown Rice


Whole wheat tortillas

Whole wheat pasta




Pumpkin seeds



Greek yogurt - unflavoured and unsweetened (you can add chopped fruit to it such as strawberries, bananas, mango, kiwi fruit, orange etc.)


Cook with extra virgin olive oil - it is the best type of oil for you!


You should be doing at least 30mins a day of cardio exercise.

Start with something small if you haven't previously been doing much exercise. Maybe start doing something like the 30 day challenge for squats, situps, pushups etc.

Go for a 30min bike ride. Get out and take your dog/someone else's dog for a walk.

Swap it around, change up your routine. Keep it interesting. Set yourself small, realistic goals so you can meet them.


Do you have an iphone?? Or Android phone?? There's a great app called "MyFitnessPal"

Put in your weight, height etc. Calculates your BMI. It also helps you to keep a food diary and you can select from a wide range of foods and it'll tell you how many calories you've consumed.

The absolute minimum for total amount of calories for you to consume in a day is around 1200cal.

Any less and you may be at risk of malnutrition.

On average, personal trainers say it will take around 12 weeks to really start seeing a difference in yourself and for others to start seeing a difference in you (you would have lost a significant amount of weight by then) and if you stay on track you'll be down to your healthy BMI goal range in no time!!

I hope this helps and good luck on your journey to a healthy lifestyle with a lifetime reward of benefits!!

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