Single Working Women's Day 2022 is on Thursday, August 4, 2022: why were only single, childless women allowed to work in the olden days?

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Thursday, August 4, 2022 is Single Working Women's Day 2022. international women's day international women's day

why were only single, childless women allowed to work in the olden days?

Once a woman married it was assumed that she would stay at home to look after a husband and children. In some cases they did allow married and single childless women to carry on working. It was dictated in those days that the woman's place was in the home!

whats the most fertile days?

whats the most fertile days?

Every woman's cycle is different, so you won't know when YOU are fertile based on some calendar. You are fertile for 3-7 days before the day you actually ovulate, the trick is figuring out when you ovulate.

Nearly all women will start their period 8 to 16 days after they ovulate. If you don't actually know when you ovulate, you have to assume it can be anywhere in that range. So if you ovulate 16 days before your period, add on 7 days (the max for the fertile period) and you should start abstaining from sex 23 days before the end of your cycle (which you'll never know until after it's already over). Also, if you only ovulate 8 days before the end of your cycle, then you're not safe to have sex until the last 7 days.

So assuming you have a 28 day cycle (a lot of women don't and you'd better not be wrong by even a single day or you could get pregnant), you may have sex on days 1-5 (that's right, during your period) or days 21-28. Now if you only happen to have a 25 day cycle one month (and you won't know exactly how long your cycle will be until it's over), then you may have sex on days 1-3 and days 18-25.

Bottom line, the rhythm and calendar method don't work. There's too much margin of error. And if you're off by even 1 day, you could be having sex at your most fertile time. If you aren't going to chart your temperatures, track your cervical mucus and check the position of your cervix, then go buy yourself some condoms. I've successfully used Natural Family Planning for years both to avoid pregnancy and to get pregnant when I want to, but you have to do it right or it's worthless.

Yes, you can get pregnant from having sex 3 days after your period even if he only ejaculates once. In fact, if you have cycles similar to mine, you would be extremely fertile 3 days after your period. The odds of getting pregnant from sex during your fertile period is 1 in 4. So there's a 25% chance that you're pregnant.

what is so special about women’s day?

what is so special about women's day?

Well, until you're a mother you can't possibly understand the love and concern your parents have for you. You can only try and realize that they have your very best interests at heart. And the fact that you've been dating someone since you were 14 would cause any parent concern. We all get sick of our lives, but we continue on as best we can. What's with not wanting to get married? Have you finished your college studies? What type of work are you looking for? Hon, life is hard. The secret to success as you've heard so many times is education, education, education. Your parents want you close in case anything happens. But if you want to move, then move. They'll be ok in the long run as long as you're ok in the long run. It took me about a year to get used to my son moving away to a new city! So go ahead and be the adult you want to be. You're parents will be ok.

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