Slurpee Day 2024 is on Thursday, July 11, 2024: Questions to do with Free Slurpee Day?

Thursday, July 11, 2024 is Slurpee Day 2024. Free Slurpee Day in Austin Texas Free Slurpee Day

Questions to do with Free Slurpee Day?

1. How many Slurpees did you get?


I felt kind of depressed that they only let you have small cups, so I went back once more so that I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Then I went back at 11:50, just because I was out and wanted to make the most of 7/11 day.

Plus, the workers were like dancing with mops and balloons around the store, so they didn't recognise me ...

2. What flavours?

All of them.

I had a rather blue one early in the night, so I was a blue-tongued lizard for a few hours.

3. What is your favourite flavour?

Raspberry is pretty delicious, I must say :D

Would 1-2 slurpees a day make me fat?

Would 1-2 slurpees a day make me fat?

How about trading in those slurpees for some smoothies! Smoothies are great tasting (way better tasting than slurpees in my opinion) not to mention they're HEALTHY. Slurpees are very bad for you and your health, they are high in added sugars such as high fructose corn syrup (VERY bad for you, it CAN make you fat) and have food coloring and of course if you keep drinking slurpees everyday it could eventually lead to weight gain if the slurpees are calorie-dense enough.

Here's a good smoothie recipe to try:

1 banana

6 strawberries, cleaned and hulled

1/2 cup milk

1/2 cup plain, nonfat greek yogurt

Put all of that together in a blender and blend until smooth. It'll be a GREAT afternoon treat :) Tastes great!

But you can find literally hundreds more smoothie recipes online that are simple are good for you. Just avoid ones that call for added sugar, as you will get enough of that from the added sugars in the fruits. :) You'll more than likely find that your cravings for slurpees will be gone! (:

7/11 Slurpee day isn’t so free after all?

7/11 Slurpee day isn't so free after all?

I am with you, I went to 7/11 and got a free slurpee. Well, you should see the size of the cups. They soooo tiny. You can't even hold down the thing to get the "slurpee" out for 3 seconds or else it will overflow! What a waste! They don't ever how those size cups on a normal day! So I guess they had special tiny cups made for today! I find it really funny what you said to the guy. I personally think that you should print the page out and show it to the indian guy. At 7/11 where I live there is an Indian Guy that works the counter. Lol

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