Solo Diners Eat Out Weekend on February, 2024: Las Vegas dining: solo female, foodiecuisine slut, need ciggie breaks, prix fixe?, patioview?

Solo Diners Eat Out Weekend 2024. Eating Out in Paris: The Art of Dining Solo Eating Out in Paris: The Art

Las Vegas dining: solo female, foodie/cuisine slut, need ciggie breaks, prix fixe?, patio/view?

I eat out in Vegas alone all the time! Red Square at Mandalay Bay serves up food at the bar, and you can slip out the door anytime for a smokey! Lots of good conversation and interesting people at the bar too. Canaletto at the Venetian for AWESOME risotto, and the bartenders LOVE us single women. Xavier is a real cutie, he works weekends. Skip Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris, the food is HORRIBLE. Firefly on Paradise has an outdoor patio for us smokers, try the stuffed dates. Mario has a new place at Venetian, but it's family style and not geared towards single diners. I have to give props to Wolfgang, I have never had a bad meal at any of his places.

Hope you have a great vaca!!

What is the ski resort in Killington, Vermont like?

What is the ski resort in Killington, Vermont like?

Early April can be sketchy depending on weather. Usually the slopes are loose granular or corn. Slushy spots can frequently be found. However Vermont weather can be a fickle bugger. The slopes could get a dump of fresh snow and it could be 20 degrees. It can also be icy as heck, or it could be nothing but bony thin cover and you'll be dodging rocks....or a combo of everything I've just mentioned depending on which part of the resort you are at. I've lost track of teh April mornings I would get to the top of the K-1 and there would be fresh powder and 2/3 the way down the slope I was dodging potholes. It might snow at the peak, but rain at the base...not uncommon at all. In April of '06 I was skiing glades with fresh snow at 9am and sitting on the deck drinking beer in shorts by 3pm. Depending on weather and skiers, many of the lifts and trails closer to Route 4 may be closed off that late in the season. Usually Killington, Snowshed and Ramshead are open until April 15...but midweek they may just be running the K-1 Base. Bear may be shut down totally except for weekends.

The Access Road bars may still have some end-of-the-season shin-dig going on on weekends. Mid-week the bars will likely be dead. If you are going back down to Rutland you'll be hard-pressed to find great entertainment. Most of the bars (Two Shea's, DDD's, Sudds) are all locals' bars. If any band is playing it's usually a solo or duo doing covers. They're good acts, but not atypical. The Inn at the Long Trail near Pico has Irish music at times and sometimes you'll catch something put on dowtown at the theatre or by one of the local-non-profit organizations. Otherwise you got the cinema down by the Price Chopper; Bowling; and possibly skating at the hockey rink if there is not league night. You've also got the climbing gym by Applebee's.

Get a BLT Grinder at Gill's, Pizza from Ramunto's; fancy pizza from A Crust Above; and breakfast anytime at the Midway Diner. If you like more organic breakfast and lunch items try Back Home Again cafe. There are also good eating places such as Three Tomatoes or Little Harry's downtown as well. On the access road I usually eat at the Grist Mill or Sushi Yoshi's Hibachi Bar.

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