Special Kids Day 2022 is on Saturday, December 3, 2022: How to be good with special needs kids?

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Saturday, December 3, 2022 is Special Kids Day 2022. Special Kids Day Home Special Kids Day Home

How to be good with special needs kids?

Special Needs kids are all different. If you can try to contact the teacher or instructor of the camp for that child before you start. Ask them if they can tell you anything about this student that they can share with you.

When you meet him the first day. Just ask him easy questions like

Example: What is your favorite food? What is your favorite animal? It will open him up and you can try to figure out what his likes and dislikes are.

Every behavior has a purpose:

If you notice he is not listening to what the instructor is doing. Point to your ears to remind him to listen. If he is chatty point to your mouth and say quiet.

He starts to get up and walk away from the table or circle. (sit beside him or behind him to sit still)

Not sure if you will be in charge of his "toileting", but if you notice he is kind of antsy or smell toots... its a good clue he has to go to the bathroom. Remind him to wash his hands afterwords.

Reward when he does something positive. Keeping positive is a reinforcement that he will have to work for. When you do notice a challenge. You could speak with the supervisor of the room if there is anything that they can let him do if he does something well in the room. (maybe a sticker or 1 minute to sing his favorite song) Do not give promise is he does good, just reward him as it comes) If he notices the promises he will expect something every-time.

If you want too at the end of the day. Write a small note for the parents or the teacher to let them know how his day was with you. It's always good to have feedback. Makes the parents know what is going on during the day.

How to Interact first day meeting special needs kids?

How to Interact first day meeting special needs kids?

I am a mother of four children ages five and under, and I was a teacher before I became a stay at home mother. I don't have experience with special needs children, but I have seen people interact with my children of varying young and younger ages. I can tell that a person is not comfortable around children when they speak only to me when my children are present. I am always impressed with the people who speak to each of my children. They might ask my five year old "How old are you?", then ask my four year old "What's your name?", then ask my two year old "Is that your baby sister?" and then say to the baby "You sure have a pretty smile." In this example, the person has interacted with each child, and at each ones level.

As a teacher, I was trained to access my class and determine which students were more capable than the others, and which ones might not catch on as quickly. A teacher should involve all students, though, so I had to make sure to ask a bright student a more in depth question, and ask a slower student a yes or no question, without the class noticing that I was choosing the question for the student.

Keep this in mind: you can interact with anyone, even a newborn. I would never hire a babysitter who avoided physical contact with my baby. If the child cannot shake hands, maybe you might touch his hand or arm, and more importantly lean in and make eye contact when you meet.

Again, I must emphasize I am not an expert. I am just someone who applauds your altruism and your efforts. I hope this points in the right direction, and I know you will do well.

The other day, I met a special ed kid and he wants to hang out again?

The other day, I met a special ed kid and he wants to hang out again?

I'm sorry, I'm just a bit skeptical. I have a daughter who has autism, and I know many diagnosed as such. I have worked closely with kids who have schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder. I honestly can't imagine a child with ALL THREE diagnosis being able to sit and talk for 5 hours. I would bet there's a little misdiagnosing in there somewhere, or he's not clear on what his dx really is. With kids, schizophrenia and bi-polar are pretty difficult to diagnose, I've also seen misdiagnosis of these.

Whatever the case regarding dx, if you enjoyed his company and the talk, I see no reason why you couldn't call or e-mail once in a while. It's not like you're going to marry him. If he starts trying to smother you with "you're my only friend.." and lay a guilt trip on you, gently remind him that it makes you uncomfortable. That you're happy to be his friend, but you did have a life before him, and that you have other friends as well.

If you don't really want to be his friend and spend time with him, you could send an e-mail once in a while, perhaps a link to something you'll know he finds interesting, like a video clip on youtube that you know he'd find funny.

Good luck.

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