Spiritual Literacy Month on May, 2023: weird event calender?

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May, 2023 is Spiritual Literacy Month 2023. Free reading honoring Spiritual Literacy Month: Top five most ... Spiritual literacy

weird event calender?

Here you go! =)

December is spiritual literacy month.

This is the last day in baking gluten-free week.

And today (20th) is mud day.

What do all these stats say about society and the state of mankind in the post industrial nano age?

What do all these stats say about society and the state of mankind in the post industrial nano age?

They say progressive liberalism is a failure.

Furthermore, it says technology, innovation, medicine, etc. can't help a person devoid of a spiritual life.

all my dear christians,jews

all my dear christians,jews,zoroastrian&sbuddhists please tell me:HOW DOES YOUR RELIGION DESCRIBE "AFTER LIFE"

Judaism says that the afterlife is completely spiritual, and has no equivalent on this earth. Hence the difficulty in describing it.

In life, what's physical is much more real to us than emotions or spiritual effects. That's why, when many people try to picture the world-to-come, they fall back on describing physical pains and pleasures (e.i., lakes of fire, seventy-two virgins, whatever).

In the world-to-come, emotions and spiritual entities are tangible reality, and the physical is completely irrelevant.

Thus, the Jewish concept of Purgatory (Gehinnom) is intense shame. The recently dead person remembers everything they have ever done, all the bad deeds and squandered opportunities, and they can't forget it. The psychological torment is probably worst than eternal fires.

Fortunately, Gehinnom only lasts a maximum of twelve months. The soul gradually comes to terms with its misdeeds and becomes ready to move on- sort of like spiritual psychotherapy.

Heaven (Gan Eden) works on the same concept as Gehinnom. The soul remembers every good deed and moment of personal growth. Think of the feeling of accomplishment you get after finishing a project or reaching a goal, and multiply that my a million.

There's a lot more details, and mystical stuff, but that's Judaism On The Afterlife 101.

For further reading:

"If You Were God", by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. The middle section deals with the aftelife.

Hope this helps!

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