St. Stupid Day 2023 is on Saturday, April 1, 2023: st. patricks day?

Saturday, April 1, 2023 is St. Stupid Day 2023. The First Church of the Last Laugh---Events Of The Church What: After Saint Stupid's Day

st. patricks day?

EVERYONE is Irish on St. Pat's day! Even us Irish are not offended that everyoine else wants to celebrate our heritage and customs!! Erin Go Braugh!!!

No girl, show the world how you feel about your birthday being on St. Patrick's day.

Stupid question but St. Paddy’s day is coming?

Stupid question but St. Paddy's day is coming?

In march of every year the anyone who wishes to celebrate Saint Paddy's day is officially Irish.

If you're from anywhere near the east coast and your family has been in this country more than three generations it's a virtual certainty that there's some Irish in your ancestry.

One; There's a lot of drinking on St Pats day and Two. There's a lot of drinking on St Pats day.

I realize that strictly speaking that's only one point, but I feel it's so important that It needed mentioning twice.

Have a safe and happy St Pats day. Did I mention the drinking?

what is the point of stupid st pattys day?

what is the point of stupid st pattys day?

Its a chance for us to celebrate being Irish. I will say alright that I think celebrations in the US are sometimes way overboard but St Patrick is our patron saint and I think its important to celebrate his feast day

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