Stay Away From Seattle Day 2021 is on Thursday, September 16, 2021: Considering moving to Seattle?


Thursday, September 16, 2021 is Stay Away From Seattle Day 2021. Stay Away from Seattle Day September 16th is Stay Away

Considering moving to Seattle......?

1. There are only two trains that go in and out of Seattle each day and they come from Tacoma and Everett and it's about 60 minutes each way and have only one train going into the city and one train going out, so if you miss your train, you're screwed. Too, these are unfortunately two suburbs that I would recommend staying away from. On the flip side, if you were to live in one of the outlying "neighborhoods", there are usually express buses that will have you into the downtown area within 20 minutes or so. Personally, I fight the traffic from my home in Green Lake to my job in West Seattle with very few problems (15 minutes on a good day, 30 minutes on a bad day).

2. I don't know of any Super Targets around here. 24-hour pharmacies and supermarkets are everywhere and there is a Costco downtown Seattle. I'd personally recommend the Ballard neighborhood. Easiest commute to downtown, less expensive, and nice friendly community. Personally, I'd choose north Seattle over south Seattle and would stay away from West Seattle and anything on the East Side due to heavy commutes across bridges. The neighborhoods here are very much surburban in character, you should definitely consider staying in Seattle if possible.

3. Condo prices are probably above $300k, which is typical for this area. Rentals could vary from studios for $650 to houses for $1500+, depending on size and location.

4. Interracial dating within Seattle is no problem whatsoever. Interracial dating in the suburbs may be less accepted, but mostly I'd say it's fine.

5. This one I'm not sure about, sorry!

Whats a cheap way to stay in/get around seattle for a few days?

Whats a cheap way to stay in/get around seattle for a few days?

Hostel Seattle

The Hostel Seattle offers affordable rates, great location majestic view. The Hostel is 30 minutes from downtown Seattle and just steps away from the waterfront of your own Beach!

Green Tortoise Hostel

Cheap comfort close to all of Seattles biggest sights. Central location, near the public market. Ideal location for international backpackers

seattle rental car drop off near Pier 91?

seattle rental car drop off near Pier 91?

According to the Port of Seattle Website they have rental car representatives from Alamo and National Car Rental available at Pier 91. However from looking at the two rental websites, I think it is for the convenience of someone who wants to pick up a car who is coming in on a cruise - not necessarily for drop-off, but you could check to find out.

It appears that the closest drop off point for any of the car rental agencies will be in the downtown core area about 2 miles away from pier 91. There is a shuttle that stops at several of the downtown hotels and runs out to pier 91, so you could probably rent from any of the major rental car agencies at the airport and drop off the car downtown and take either the shuttle or a taxi to pier 91. Here is the link to the shuttle company website:

I would also definitely check first about rental car drop off times downtown. The car rental desks at the airport are open 24/7 but most (if not all) of the ones downtown have limited hours that are more like a normal 8-6 business day hours.

You may want to reconsider renting a car if will only be wanting to do some sightseeing in Seattle for only a couple of days. Seattle is considered quite walkable for most people. If you are staying at a hotel in the downtown area, most charge guests $25-$35 a day for parking their car, traffic is congested and parking near most of the main attractions is also expensive. Personally I think having a car in downtown Seattle is pretty much useless. I usually walk as far from the parking lot to the attraction I want to see as I would have if I just walked from my hotel.

Most of the major attractions like the Pike Place market: , Seattle Aquarium, waterfront, ferry dock: several museums, Pioneer Square, sports stadiums and the international district are within about a mile radius of the core business district where most of the hotels are located, so a rental car will only get you a few blocks closer. If you can't/don't want to walk, all of the buses have handicap access and are free on the both the surface streets and bus tunnel until 7pm in the downtown "ride free area".

About the furthest main attraction is the Space Needle: at the Seattle Center and it is a quick and easy 2 minute trip on the Seattle Monorail:

Other places that are further away like the Boeing Museum of Flight or Woodland Park Zoo are still fairly easy to get to on Metro transit:

It is easy to get from SeaTac airport to downtown Seattle on either light rail: or on the airporter shuttle: or of course you can take a taxi.

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