Straw Hat Month on April, 2024: Felt or straw cowboy hats?

April, 2024 is Straw Hat Month 2024. Straw Hats at Zappos®‎ Huge Selection of Straw Hats. Free Shipping, Free 365 Day Returns

Straw Hat Month

Some might state that it’s just a little in the year to consider a hay hat, that April can always see frequent rain (therefore, the term ‘April showers’), gusty home windows along with other weather not-suitable for towards the putting on of the hay hat. However, Straw Hat Month is non-optional, and doesn’t provide a monkey’s uncle concerning the weather.

Felt or straw cowboy hats?

I personally prefer a good felt western hat,t over the plasticized straw western hats. But if you wan white then perhaps the plasticized straw might be the better choice. That will be somewhat easier to clean than a felt one. A damp cloth can bee used to wipe the surface down with. However felt requires the services of someone who can not only clean it, but do the re-blocking of it as needed. White, silver gray, or or any light colored western hat are nice show pieces, or make good for nice dress hats, but not for daily wear. White, silver gray, light gray, and other light toned hats, over time will show the dirt, and oils from the hands.

Natural straw can be cooler to wear during the summer months than felt, as that will breath, the plasticized straw doesn't breath as well and can be hotter when it's hot outside. Even with breathing holes in the sides they're still very warm. While felt can be warm, they're slightly less so than the plasticized. Just stay away from the wire brim, as those start to break down fast, and won't look as nice. It's better spend a few extra dollars if needed for one without the wire in the brim edge. If it's for general day to day wearing and you don't want it to look, rough in a few months the extra is worth it. But if it's something you're going to be wearing while working, how it looks won't be as important.

Festa Junina outfit - straw hat?

Festa Junina outfit - straw hat?

There's actually 2 kind of parties, "Festa JuNina" in June, and "Festa JuLina" in July. It's the same thing, only the month being the real change.It's a party that happens in the middle of the year. The outfit is not actually a country pumpkin, but the most rednecky look you can be.So, a straw hat in a bad state + jeans pants + any shirt is what most usually uses.

Do you wear hats in the warmer months?

Do you wear hats in the warmer months?

Cap, Greek cap or straw hat if I own one at the time.

I love hats.

But I don't look good in many of them.

Caps are at least anti-solar devices.

I wore one for years playing baseball, etc. So they're what I end up wearing.

Thanks for asking.

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