Stupid Guy Thing Day 2022 is on Wednesday, June 22, 2022: What are stupid things guys do to impress girls?

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022 is Stupid Guy Thing Day 2022. Celebrating “Stupid Guy Thing Day,” share your story and win a ... “Stupid Guy Thing Day“ is

What are stupid things guys do to impress girls?

what you consider stupid we consider actually trying to woo you, dont worry one day someone YOU really like will consider the things YOU do stupid

Is this list of 38 true facts about guys true or false?(guys: state your opinion

Is this list of 38 true facts about guys true or false?(guys: state your opinion. girls: if its true, read it)?

i agree with most of these

guys aren't as shallow as most people think

1.) absolutely true

2.) true

3.)a nice smile is the best thing i can look for on a girl

4.) not completely true but most often yea

5.)some hate it some dont care

6.) true in the sense that they get worried that you may like someone else, but we dont prevent girls from having friends

7.) yes

8.) yea i cant stand a bitchy girl, despite how hot they are

9.) yea if a guy likes you he'll analyze everyhting you say, if he doesnt like you he'll dismiss it

10.) only girls that guys find emotionally and physically attractive

11.) yea

12.) guys just like to vent, they dont really like to take any advice other then their own

13.) not always true, i try to be as nice as i can to the girls i like, i tease my friends who are girls

14.) depends

15.) yea if a guy finds a girl gorgeous he likes her

16.) body is important, but if a hot girl has a bad personality the relationship wont last too long

17.) not really, their friends do

18.) as i said before guys analyze everything that the girl they like does, to try and find hints that the girl likes them

19.) yea he'll probably spend time thinking about how much of an idiot he it

20.) not usually, he might just be calm

21.) true

22.) no, he wants to be alone, unless he continues to stress the point, where he's hinting that he wants to talk

23.) yea, but guys do talk seriously to

24.)if you say that a guy will argue with you and say no you really are beautiful, he wont stop saying it if he likes you

25.) yea, if a guy is looking at your eyes for a while then he probably likes you, if he looks at your tits,then he just wants to get with you

26.) yea guy often keep stuff bottled up

27.) dont be a prude

28.)all guys talk about with other guys is girls

29.) somewhat true, but for the most part yea

30.) depends on the girl but yea

31.) not true, some guys can, but they like to talk to other people

32.) yea, thats sexist, there are assholes,but there are good nice guys too

33.) yea, it gives them the chance to do so too

34.) yea

35.) no

36.) yea, but you prob wouldnt give rub to a guy you dont like

37.) not necesesarily, a lot of guys would do that even for a friend, guys can be compassionate

38.) not always

most of these aren't black and white

most of these have large grey areas

remember that guys arent as big assholesas they show in movies and stuff

when a guy likes a girl he will do anything for them, and the best qualities of a girl arent titsand ass, but a nice smile and deep blue eyes

did a stupid thing for this guy?

did a stupid thing for this guy?

Never say for a guy unless you know that there's something going on between you guys.

Look for a better job or at least a job that you really like before quitting because finding jobs these days are tough! So, if you get a better job, quit this one ASAP and who cares if your gonna get scolded by your boss who gave you a second chance, its not like you'll ever see her again right?

And you didn't do anything stupid, it was the fact that you wanted to see your crush everyday you decided to stay...everyone makes mistake and they learn from it =]

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