Teflon Day 2021 is on Tuesday, April 6, 2021: Bird HELP! Teflon Poisoning?

Tuesday, April 6, 2021 is Teflon Day 2021. Teflon ® PTFE Parts‎ Custom Machined & Molded Teflon® PTFE parts made to order.

Bird HELP! Teflon Poisoning?

ADDED INFO/COMMENT: Here is the Dupont site w info on Teflon & pets

Near the bottom of the page at #4 are two different links to info on keeping pet birds safe around things like cookware. Worth the read for all of us.

Thanks for your update about the cookware (& being so honest). You've prob helped some bird owners, again very sorry for your loss. People tend to go into hysterics about teflon but if used properly it's generally safe around most living things including pet birds. My worst scare w cookware came when I left a 10" cast iron frying pan full of oil heating unattended for just a minute, it caught fire & the fumes fr the pan, as I dealt w my carelessness, nearly overwhelmed me. I was screaming at my poor husband the entire time about "the fumes, the fumes---it's gonna kill the birds". Well, the birds survived but the frying pan was a total loss---LOL, until that happened I didn't even realize cast iron could "melt" & basically that's what it did. So ANY container made out of anything, if overheated (to whatever degree that may happen to be), will cause toxic fumes for whatever or whomever is near enough to breath them. Even burning a cozy wood fire in a fireplace releases toxins that, lets face it, are bad to breath.

Injured or sick birds cannot regulate their temperature well. Place your bird's cage on a heating pad or near a lamp. Using a lamp for heat can be tricky, if it gets to hot the bird overheats which is just as bad as being cold esp for an already debilitated bird. Be sure the bird can move away fro the heat source. Make some calls to other avian vets, many will offer you the chance to make payments for treatment.

What the bird needs immediately is support in the form of warmth, quiet, easy to digest food. If it will eat things besides seed offer jarred baby food. I think it would be great if stores & breeders gave the kind of info you suggest. There are few reasons most don't (lo$t $ale$). Also, not all birds will have a fatal reaction to teflon fumes. It's usually teflon that is overheated or an old burned pan w the the coating already compromised. I've been using teflon around my birds w/o incident for 30 years. I'm so sorry you're going thru this. Hope your bird recovers.

Streching ears with teflon tape?

Streching ears with teflon tape?

Teflon tape is good for taping your ear instead of using tapers.

Make sure moisture dosen't get onto the tape. I've never heard of it sticking too your ear.

Teflon tape should only cost $1-3. Very cheap.

Take it slow and don't put too much tape on your plug in one time. Its a gradual process. Every 2 or 3 days add another roll to your plug. Make sure to clean it, sea salt soaks etc.

what are future applications for polytetrafluoroethylene AKA teflon?

what are future applications for polytetrafluoroethylene AKA teflon?

You could have just called it teflon and went about your day. But no. Polytetrawhatthefucker ever.

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