Tomboy Tools Day 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: Suzie wears a baseball cap all the time to show that she is a tomboy.?


Sunday, August 1, 2021 is Tomboy Tools Day 2021. The Fix It Lass Tomboy Tools logo

Suzie wears a baseball cap all the time to show that she is a tomboy.?

Lay out rocks on her side to form a right angled triangle on to some obvious point on the other side.

I want to get a gift?

I want to get a gift?

Humm well depending on her age. If she is really small like toddler size then some big plastic toy trucks are good. If she is more like Elementry aged then some matchbox cars or some kind of unisex toy like a board game, card game like UNO or Legos. Legos are great for any kid. Also you can get some dolls now days that are not so frilly. I think their called my scene or something. they have so many choices. If nothing else get her a gift card and let her go wild in the toy isle. I had one little girl that went through a truck and tool stage. I got her trucks. I don't think it hurts to buy girls cars and it don't hurt to buy boys dolls. I think kids should play with what ever is fun for them. It changes at diffrent stages.

Is this right or fair? i’ve been a tomboy for almost 30yrs &comfortable with myself i do dress up

Is this right or fair? i've been a tomboy for almost 30yrs &comfortable with myself i do dress up when i have

It isn't fair or right, it is just WRONG! If you were muddin' mama when he met & fell in love with you, ask what happened to change that for him? Why is he now looking for another type of woman, and asking you to "be more like that/her?"

Maybe you could turn the tables on him a bit, to show him what he is doing?! If your man is a suit & tie guy, tell him that you want see him "lumberjacked", in jeans, boots, & flannel shirt chopping wood with an ax. If he is a jeans & Tshirt guy, tell him how it really make you hot if he could put on some slacks & red wings with a sweater, when he comes to dinner! If he is a boxer wearer, tell him you would prefer if he would switch to butthuggers. See where I'm going here? Be a little extreme too, cause it probably will take a few times before he catches on, and, because tend to wear blinders, he probably wont see it as being the same/similar. Stand your ground! You are who you are, and that would be who he fell in love with! Remind him!

That being said, every dogs deserves a bone now and then, so, if overall he is a good man, maybe you could toss him out extra frilly girl bone on a more frequent basis? I too, sometimes get a bit peeved, and feel like SO's "barbie doll" when I play "dress up" for his pleasure, but, at end of the day, if that's the worst thing I can say about the guy, I guess we aren't doing so bad.

Good luck girl, as a fellow 4x4 truck driving, power tool using, foul mouthed, motorcycle riding woman, I feel your pain!

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