Turkey-free Thanksgiving 2023 is on Monday, November 27, 2023: free Thanksgiving - Today is my first thanksgiving as a vegetarian and i miss turkey:(?

Monday, November 27, 2023 is Turkey-free Thanksgiving 2023. Paul McCartney Wants A Turkey-Free Thanksgiving A Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

Today is my first thanksgiving as a vegetarian and i miss turkey:(?

This is my first turkey-free Thanksgiving too! So don't worry, you're not alone. I plan on heaping up the potatoes, stuffing, and veggies.

where can i go buy a fresh turkey for thanksgiving in houston, tx?

where can i go buy a fresh turkey for thanksgiving in houston, tx?

It looks like one of the closest places to get a fresh turkey is Georgia's Texas Grassfed Beef. See their turkeys at

They are about an hour up the 290 from Houston.


Georgia's Texas GrassFed Beef

14182 Cochran Road

Waller, Texas 77484

Phone: 979-921-0000

Fax: 979-921-0829

I found it on this website

There are many more farms on here for all natural fresh meats

Here's what Georgia's says about their turkeys:

Free-Range TurkeySelect from Natural or Organically Fed (GMO Free)

Our turkeys are raised the old fashioned way, on green grass in fresh air and sunshine. Our small flocks are allowed to graze on fresh growing pasture. Our turkey pasture is protected by high game fencing that protects turkeys from predators, while allowing advantages of exercise. Fresh growing pasture, exercise and the total absence of anything artificial, help us produce the least stressed, healthiest, best textured and tastiest birds available. On our farms, in Waller & Grimes Counties Texas everything is small scale, natural and unhurried. Nothing is ever done to force unnaturally rapid growth. We use no vaccines, no medications, no heavy metals, no steroids, no hormones, no injections of water, tenderizers, etc. Our birds are fed no animal products, thus eliminating any possibility of feeding meat born disease or chemical contamination (from factory birds) to our flocks. Our birds are dressed the old fashioned way, carefully and by hand, rather than by automatic evisceration machinery. Since we do not soak birds in vats containing spilled feces, we do not need to try to cleanse birds with ionizing radiation, chlorine baths, trisodium phosphate or other chemical agents.

Jesus/God believers! To whom ?

Jesus/God believers! To whom ?

On Saturday we will be sacrificing it yo m family.We don't participate in nationalistic holidays but we get a turkey free from my dad.o we we will give thanksgiving on not only Saturday but the remainder 364 days of the year

Holidays also on this date Monday, November 27, 2023...
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