Underwear Day 2022 is on Friday, August 5, 2022: NATIONAL UNDERWEAR DaY?

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Friday, August 5, 2022 is Underwear Day 2022. Models celebrate Brazilian National Underwear Day of National Underwear Day

Underwear Day

In order to openly shine light on “unmentionables”, Underwear Day is really a day to celebrate under garments, and all sorts of clothes that people keep very well-hidden. 100s of individuals have took part in yearly expensive mob in New You are able to City with individuals within their under garments, uniting to be able to celebrate their confidence!


Every Day For me!! I walk around in my underwear ALLLL DAY! and laws.... i cant walk around naked but IM wearin underwear!!! so I can go outside YAY!!



1. Times Square, NYC.

2. Early in August (it was Tuesday 7th in 2007, Wednesday 10th 2003).

3. In various ways ....

a) open-air catwalk with models in lingerie and underwear,

b) model contests,

c) petitions to recognise National Underwear Day as a national holiday,

d) brand promotion by sponsors,

e) underwear giveaways.

4. You can decide that for yourself.

Do you Change your Underwear Evrey Day?

Do you Change your Underwear Evrey Day?

Yes, my underwear gets changed everyday. It's not a waste of undies. It's good hygiene. *Especially* for a female. It's extremely important for women to be completely hygienic down there.

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