Women in Blue Jeans Day 2023 is on Monday, January 16, 2023: what color blue jeans are in these days?

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what color blue jeans are in these days?

Go for light but not too too light. You want something that is in the middle. Alot of blues look really good. Just don't pick extreme colors.

Western Civilization Oppresses Women ?!!?

Western Civilization Oppresses Women ?!!?

as salaamu 'alaikym warahmatullahi wabaraktuh.

Insha'Allah, I live in the USofA. I was born here and I have lived virtually all of my life here.

Insha'Allah, I am in my fifties and, as an old man, I have watched how this nation has changed.

When I was a little boy, you never saw a man and women, even those who portrayed a husband and wife in a movie or a television show in the same bed.

When I was a little boy, you did not talk back to your parents and if some one, like another little boy wanted to fight you he would say something inappropriate about your mother, or your sisters because he knew that you would defend their honor.

When I was a little boy, I wore shorts or blue jeans. My sisters wore dresses.

We were raised as Roman Catholics by my well meaning and well intentioned mother, may Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, have mercy on her, forgive her her sins and grant her paradise as she put up with a lot while raising me. When we went to mass each and every Sunday and every holy day of obligation, she and my two sisters wore scarfs to cover their heads. They did this even after the Second Vatican Council said they did not have to any more.

Now that I am an old man, I see things in movies and on TV that one should not see except with his wife in their bedroom and that should be private.

Now that I am an old man, I hear things said by children, teenagers, young adults and adults for which they should be ashamed regarding women and regarding themselves and they laugh about it. They think they are clever.

Although a few women have been sucessful in politics (if anyone can really be sucessful in that field). Some others have been sucessful in business. Some are very good wives and mothers as they have so chosen to be. Many women have allowed something else to happen to them.

They have sold themselves for material gain or to be popular, to become movie stars or television stars.

They have allowed themselves to be used a "bait" to catch those men who do not practice casting their eyes down and who do not treat women with respect.

They are called "eye candy".

They have been lead, happily and all too willingly into becoming prostitutes for money and drugs, for fame and the false promise of what that will bring to them.

It is on TV, in the movies and on the internet.

As they do this I see them wearing gold "crosses, but I do not think they are really "Christians".

I see this in all Western nations and all nations that have been heavily influenced by the "culture" of the West throughout the world.

IN the West and in all nations heavily influenced by the culture of the west, there is no respect for women, not even from other women, let alone from most men.

This should not seem odd as in the West there seems to be little respect for anything or anyone, except for those who are "materially rich".

IN the West, money is god almighty even among a vast majority of those who say they are "religious". Televangelist wear silk suits, Rolex watches and are driven about in a stretch limo as they go to and from their mansions. They admit to sexual tryst and affairs, to drug use and homosexuality and then they say they have been forgiven.

I am an old man who has watched as the West has fallen into a steady decline of decadent and immoral behaviors that would shock the ancient Romans, that would scandalize the people of Sodom and Gomorah and, sadly, I have watched as much of the world has tried despirately to adopt the ways of the West.

Alhumdulillah! I give all thanks and praise to Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, for having guided my daughter and myself to Islam! Alhumdulillah! I pray that Allah, Subhanna wa Ta'ala, will continue to guide us on the straight path of Islam and sustain us. I pray that He will so bless all those who seek Him with sincere hearts and good intentions. Ameen.

Insha'Allah, I find myself in total agreement with the speaker in the video you posted.

Ma'a salaam.

I have these pair of jeans are they for men or women?

I have these pair of jeans are they for men or women?

guys these days wear women jeans anyways so they could be either :)

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