Women Walking In Their Own Shoes Month on October, 2023: Why do women own so much shoes?

October, 2023 is Women Walking In Their Own Shoes Month 2023. Women's Walking Shoes‎ Fresh Picked Styles for Spring. Free Shipping + Free Returns!

Why do women own so much shoes?

Shoes are important! They aren't just something to cover your bare feet with and walk around in. About 1/4 of all the bones in your body are located in your feet. The average person walks about the same distance as four times around the earth in their lifetime! So as you can see, shoes are quite important to us...and especially to women! For them, shoes are more like accessories...like a handbag or hat. I can tell you this: I have seen my math teacher for about three months and she only repeated her shoes once or twice during that period of time! She has every color you can think of, all in different shades. How does she combine her colors with her clothing? She usually has a "theme color" for the day. For example, purple skirt with a plain white v-neck blouse. Then a small purple necklace and matching jewllery. Then to go with that she wears purple flip flops. Might not look appealing in your head, but the result is quite nice when you see her in person. You don't need to know about the latest fashion to look all trendy. Just match some colors and that would do the trick. How? Well, shoes are a start.

10 different occasions?

1.) 1-3 pairs for exercising. I am still a student and already have about 5 pairs. Most of them I don't wear, just keep buying in new ones and leaving the old ones at the back of the closet. Trends change and my whole wardrobe changes too.

2.) 1-3 pairs for work. I do not work yet (like work in an office) but I have 3 pairs of formal shoes. One for prom nights, dances.., one is abit casual (for school), and one for concerts. My aunt is 25 and I know that she owns 9 pairs of black pumps that look very similar.

3.) Casuals. I've got...about 6 or 7 pairs of just casual shoes---shoes that I wear to school, when I go shopping, just ordinary occassions. A trend in my school at the moment is skinny jeans with Nike's (they have raised soles). I've got two pairs of those and three pairs of flats---shoes that look like high heels in the front but actually don't have any heel.

4.) Flip flops. Men wear them too, but mostly young men and teenagers. They are mainly for the summer, but here in Shanghai it doesn't get cold until about November so students in my school wear them all the time. Flip flops just build up over the years. I know that I can still fit into flip flops from 3 or 5 years ago. It's quite unusual for my school dress code to allow flip flops and slippers, but then again I guess other schools allow that too? I wear flip flops when I go shopping, at school, at home, to the beach, to the park.

6.) Boots. For fall and winter, possibily during spring too. If you walk around in the streets in Shanghai, you would see millions of Eskimo boots...they are round, furry leather on the outside and fur in the inside. Very comfortable to walk in. Many brands are doing these boots but mostly Uggs. Mostly just teenagers wear these Uggs, but it's becoming people in the 20s' trends as well. These boots give out a young, cute look. They look great with a winter jacket that has some fur on the hood. Boots are an essential need for women who try to stay in fashion. Just like other shoes there are billions of different designs. Some are high heeled while others are flat, suitable for students.

5.) I guess there's no exact "ocassion" for each pair of shoes...like I said before, women think of shoes as accessories, and it's quite fun to buy alot of shoes even though you don't need it. The average woman buys 8 pairs of shoes each year.

toms shoes? are they worth it?

toms shoes? are they worth it?

these are THE BEST pair of shoes Ive ever owned!! Im not even joking I could marry my TOMS!! they are the most comfortable shoes Ive had, the soles are soo nice. they're a little uncomfortable like just the first day you get them but Ive had mine for about a month and theyre like molded to my feet in a way. My brother that lives in NYC wears his all the time and he doesnt own a car so he does a lot of walking in them and he also loves them!

I was very hesitant too to get mine because they didnt seem very amazing but they really are and you're helped a kid out! :) You wont regret getting them!

Opinions on good Walking Shoes for women, please?

Opinions on good Walking Shoes for women, please?

Every shoe has a different fit and feel. Since you are going to get custom orthotics, you can really get into a "neutral" shoe as oppsed to having to get a motion control shoe. You really have to take the mechanics of your own foot into consideration. Many people are happy with a New Balance, but I find the toe box is too wide. I personally like Nike...espeically because they classify the shoe for you right on the box, but many people find them too narrow.

My best advice is to wait to get your orthotics, then find a shoe that will comfortably accomodate them. Don't go for any shoes on clearance, they've usually been sitting around for a year or so...the EVA in shoes has a shelf life of about 6-8 months.

As a PT myself, I am not loyal to any one brand.

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