World Pet Memorial Day 2021 is on Thursday, June 10, 2021: pet memorial.?

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Thursday, June 10, 2021 is World Pet Memorial Day 2021. June 10th is World Pet Memorial Day The benefits of having pets

pet memorial...?

You can go to and light a candle for your cat. I did that today for Alexander who was euthanized yesterday.

I usually get a fairly fat, low candle and surround it with pictures of a cat and let it burn for several days until the flame goes out.

A few of my pets recently passed away and I want to make sure that I honor them appropriately on

A few of my pets recently passed away and I want to make sure that I honor them appropriately on Memorial Day?

So, hoping that you had your tongue firmly in your cheek when you asked this question, here is my answer:

Memorial Day was established after the Civil War [1868] as a day recognized to honor the dead from that war. In modern times, it is a day to honor ALL those men and women who have died for the United States during armed conflicts. It is not a holiday to be trivialized by anyone. Even a pacifist such as myself understands the supreme sacrifice that those soldiers have made.

Veterans Day was originally called Armistice Day and was established in 1919. It recognized the official end of World War I. It was changed to Veterans Day in 1938 and is a day set aside for recognition and honoring all veterans.

If you are indeed not a citizen of this country, you could be excused for not knowing about the significance of the two dates. However, the tone of your questions suggests that you looking to get a laugh.

Dealing with loss of pet.?

Dealing with loss of pet.?

This is real grief, and there is nothing trivial about it. It is searingly painful. You think it can never get better. When it happened to me, someone said you think it can never get better but it will. They were wrong. I loved my little guy so much that the pain never went away really, but it just became a part of me. The awful pain does leave.

There really is no way to communicate to anyone what you have lost, because she was such an intensely personal friend, so integral to the structure of your day. But there are pet loss support groups. You could surely find a group either virtually or in your community. I didn't want to do that, but maybe that would be a good thing for you. Other people will probably respond with specific places you can locate such a group.

There is a lovely place where you can post a photo and a memorial message online to her at Best Friends Virtual Memorial Park, which is online. Google Best Friends, a place in Kanab Utah, and I think that will get you to the memorial park. You can name a star after her, through There are online sites where people leave messages, things they wish they could say to their pets that are gone. It sounds silly, but writing the message really brings out the tears, and sometimes that is a very good thing, to just let all the sweetness you feel for her spill out of you in tears as you figure out the best words to use. This really helped me. Just struggling to find the exact right words really helped me. You can do your own google search to find a site.

You can plant a tree and fix a plaque to it. I don't know how affluent you are or if you are affluent at all, but if you can spare a little chunk of money, you can make a memorial donation to the ASPCA or the Humane Society or even an impoverished grassroots dog rescue group in her name.

Very little that is good came out of Katrina, but in my mind, one of the good things that emerged was the ferocity of people's attachments to their companion animals. Had I been on a roof and the rescuers had come and told me I could go with them, buy my Spike had to stay on the roof, I would never, ever have left. They would have found our bodies together, but never him without me. It was reassuring to me to see that far from being a lone, cat-obsessed lunatic, I had tons of company.

Grief is grief. It is just a process, and it WILL run its couse. It takes time to subside. There are lots of outlets for people grieving over the loss of a furry family member. I'm sure you and your wife will find one or a combination that suits you.

I am so sorry you had to lose her and you have to hurt now.

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