World Scout Scarf Day 2021 is on Sunday, August 1, 2021: Suggest one more move for Bellossom?

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Sunday, August 1, 2021 is World Scout Scarf Day 2021. 1st World Scout Congress‎ How do you organize Scout Education in your country? Join us online.

Suggest one more move for Bellossom?

If you can, see about teaching it Hidden Power (fire) or Hidden Power (electric); even Hidden Power (rock) or (ice) would be acceptable to provide some type coverage for Bellossom.


Bellossom is too weak on its own to be able to use Sunny Day effectively unless you can get Sunny Day out on the switch, which is also not the best option considering the opponent is going to switch into a counter for Bellossom, and likely present difficulty in taking it down if you don't have the Hidden Power you're looking for.

Since it's a sun team, we can assume that you'll be utilizing Sunny Day on multiple Pokemon, so you'll want to look for a tank to set up Sunny Day for the rest of your Pokemon, or a high speed /scouting Dream World Ninetales with the Drought ability for instant sun.

Once another Pokemon who can take the hits sets up Sunny Day, Bellossom's chlorophyll will work wonders for her abysmal speed stat, but it won't put her in the optimal speed range you'd want her to be at to take advantage of her good special attack.

There are three variants that immediately come to mind; if you've got a good way to keep the sunny weather up, make Bellossom hold a Choice Scarf and spam Solar Beam, but beware for weather disruption.

@Choice Scarf (one of the better variants for an offensively oriented sun team)

Solar Beam and Hidden Power (the variants I listed above) are two musts for this set. Otherwise, you'll want to focus on diversifying Bellossom's type coverage with special attacks, as this set isn't meant to heal, it's mean to hit hard and fast.

Alternatively, make Bellossom hold a Choice Specs and hope to outspeed your opponent when you spam super-boosted, quickfire Solar Beams.

The third variant I thought of, which works to help make Bollossom less fragile, maximizes her healing ability, but weakens her overall offensive Power. This variant makes Bellossom hold either a Choice Specs OR a Leftovers, and depends on you removing Sunny Day from her moveset and replacing it with Sleep Powder or Stun Spore.

*Sleep Powder gives you at least one turn of excess damage, and coupled with Bellossom's increased speed, should be a good opener, providing it hits. If it doesn't, Bellossom has ways of remaining offensive while still healing.

*Stun Spore won't provide the immediate offensive upper hand, but ensures that Bellossom will now outspeed the opponent and can sometimes gain her a free turn.

*The Leftovers will provide minor healing each turn to help keep Bellossom's HP up, plus she'll also be utilizing...

*Giga Drain, which provides STAB 75 base power damage, and half the damage dealt is used to heal Bellossom's HP. This works very well with while holding Choice Specs, but also means you're unable to get the instant healing from Leftovers each turn, and also means you can't switch into a heavy duty Solar Beam or a tactical Hidden Power.

This set relies on:

Sleep Powder (if you do run Choice Specs, this is the preferred option) / Stun Spore

Giga Drain

Solar Beam / Synthesis

Hidden Power (preferred variants listed earlier are a MUST for the Leftovers set)

Depending on the flow of the battle (you need to stall, you need to hit hard, the sun is out, the sun isn't out, early game, mid game, late game, etc), you can bring Bellossom in and abuse the status moves in her lineup (especially while holding the Leftovers, as she won't be restricted to a single move), and do some damage even if the battle isn't in your favor.


Account for Bellossom's relative frailty and you should be fine.

What is heavy snow like?

What is heavy snow like?

Anyone who lives in an area of the world where heavy, frequent snow falls are common has to learn to deal with them in their own ways.

Some people detest the snow falls, with the necessary snow removal, driving through it, layering on extra clothing to keep warm, etc. Those who can afford to be "snow birds" travel to warmer climates during the winter months or move to warmer locales permanently.

Others don't mind it and "go with the flow" realizing that it's just part of the climate in the area of the world in which they are living.

Some people make their livings from snow -- snow removal/plowing businesses, ski slopes/ski resorts, cross country ski businesses, sledding/snow tubing hills.

For children snow falls are most often fun. In some parts of the U.S. schools and businesses are closed even when only a few inches of snow has fallen. Growing up in Wisconsin (USA), I quickly got used to layering on the clothes, putting on winter boots, and walking to school, ballet class, girl scout meetings, my friends' homes in all sorts of snowy weather - from just a few inches to a foot or more of snow. Sometimes, the pellets of snow being blown from the north beat into my face making it pretty frozen, altho' I also had a big scarf wrapped around my neck, mouth and nose at the time. I survived.

In many areas of the world, the plant life needs the insulating snow as protection from cold and cold winds that may cause parts or all of the plants to freeze and die. The melting snow provides much needed moisture to the earth, enabling all sorts of plants to grow and animal life to survive. The melting snow adds to the water in lakes and rivers where we get fish for food and where we enjoy water sports and recreation. The world, in general, needs that snow to exist, just as the world needs the Amazon rain forests to produce oxygen.

So . . . I say: If you live in a snowy area, learn to deal with it as best possible. Dress warmly. If you don't know how to drive carefully and safely in snowy and icy conditions, then please stay off the roads in your car.

My father, a Canadian by birth, seemed to really enjoy the snow. We said he was born with natural anti-freeze in his veins. :-)

Enjoy the snow you experience in London and elsewhere. I believe that putting a positive spin on it can help one deal with some of the inconveniences better.

Female Fictional Characters to dress up as?

Female Fictional Characters to dress up as?

Be Katniss from Hunger Games. You just need khaki pants, green shirt and a dark jacket with black boots (black shoes would be find). Just wear your hair in a side braid. Easiest thing in the world.

If you have an old fashioned looking dress, Tess of the D'urbervilles.

Make a red 'A' and put it on your chest with a white scarf around your head to be Hester from Scarlet Letter.

Dress like a little girl to be Scout from To Kill a Mockingbird or Anne of Green Gables.

Business suit and hair down to be Clarice from Silence of the Lambs.

Got silver you can put in your hair? Be Sophie from Howl's Moving Castle.

My last idea is Holly golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Black dress and costume jewelry, do your hair 50/60s style.

I read too much, but some random ideas anyway. Good luck!

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