Worldwide Rising Star Month on January, 2023: what is a good country to go to in the winter?

January, 2023 is Worldwide Rising Star Month 2023. Celebrate Every Day: Happy New Year - What's In Store For Us In ... Worldwide Rising Star Month

what is a good country to go to in the winter?

i think Malaysia is great!

Malaysia is one of the rising stars of South-East Asian tourism, a nation looking to the future while cherishing the ways of the past. Centuries of trade have resulted in a vibrant mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and indigenous tribal cultures, creating a veritable melting pot of peoples, traditions and religions that makes it a deeply intriguing place to visit.

It has tropical weather so winter is so warm there.

it is generally hot, sunny and fairly uniform; it's rare to have a day without showers and unusual to have a day without sunshine. Take light summer clothes, carry an umbrella and an extra warm sweater if visiting the hill stations.

Concerning visas, Visas are not required by nationals of Britian, Austrila, Canada, USA and other EU countries for stays of up to three months! isn't that cool!

And..the capital, Kuala Lumpur is a popular shopping destination, rivaling Singapore and Hong Kong. Suria KLCC, a shopping mall with a spectacular fountain, gardens and a beautiful piazza, houses a great selection of leading couture outlets. Times Square, the city’s largest mall, Star Hill and Lot 10 are popular shopping centers. The islands of Labuan and Langkawi are duty-free zones. Cameras, pens, watches, cosmetics, perfume and electronic goods are available duty-free throughout Malaysia. Malaysian specialty goods include pewterware, silverware and brassware; batik; jewelry; pottery; and songket. Enquire at Malaysian Royal Customs and Excise about claiming cashback on duty-free goods.


Egypt! it is a great place! It truly has a very harmonical society where racism and so are literally unknown!

the weather is also very warm compared with European countries. If you like Pharonic sites, then you'll love Egypt. what with all the pharonic sites especially in Luxor and Aswan so Take light summer clothes but do carry an umbrella just in case!

The people there are very loving and most can talk English so you will be able to communicate!

The hotels , especially worldwide hotels like Sherton or Movenpick, are clean. You can even get a nice crusie on the nile. Cairo, the capital is a bit crowded though. so if you don't like crowded places, you might wanna give that a pass!

Otherwise it does have wonderful sites and museums.

Shopping is fun what with to HUGE malls; one in Cairo "City Stars" and one in Alex "San stefino" ( i think that's how its spelled!)

Alex in beautiful. It lays on the Midetteraen sea. There are alot of tourist sites like the Biblotheque!

Overall it's a intruging country!

Hope you enjoy your trip whever you decide to go!

Which is the Best Kids/Children’s Plan in India with low charges?

Which is the Best Kids/Children's Plan in India with low charges?

Remember your daadi [granny] saying: “Hamare zamane main cinema kee ticket 1 rupaye main miltee thee”

This is precisely the theme of what we are discussing here. How do we all plan for our kid’s future.

Are the expenses for higher education going to keep rising, like it has risen in the last 10 years? How do we beat it?

Education expenses worldwide are on a rise.

Quality Schools are not available in quantity and hence command a high price [of course they employ the best professors too]In the competitive world we are in, everyone wants his child to study in the best school [not in his locality], but in the world.

Forget going abroad, the cost of admission to get an MBBS degree has skyrocketed 25 times in the last 10 years.

Are we investing in funds/plans which will beat this rising cost and give a sizeable corpus for us to be able to have the kid study abroad, like your close friend’s or neighbors will?

Intelligent Investing in Balanced Equity linked funds is the only answer to beat and match the costs then. History supports the fact that LONG TERM investing in equity for more than 10 years definitely beats returns of any other investment avenue.

We have short-listed the Top Selling 4 Kids Plans, these are Smart kid (by ICICI), Unit Linked Young Star Plus (by HDFC), Child Dream Plan (by BIRLA), Headstart Future Protect (by Kotak)



* These policies provide Death Benefit except HDFC which provides 2 options – option (1) Death Benefit option (2) Critical illness benefit.

* In the unfortunate event of death of parent (Life assured), in ICICI, Birla and HDFC the plan will make a lump sum payment of Sum Assured to the nominee and the policy will continue, with the insurance company contributing future premiums till maturity.

* On Death, In Kotak, the company will pay the sum assured plus the unpaid premiums to the customer. This is a negative, as the main purpose of the plan is defeated when the entire fund is released on an uncertain date.

Costs (Load on Premium)

Coming to the charges of each fund, Birla has the lowest allocation charges, but the very high policy administration charges compensate for the same.

* On a fair basis ICICI Smart Kid has the lowest allocation charges of 20% in the first year compared to the other products being reviewed. HDFC’s charges are the most obscene at 60% of the first year premium, which is a sure negative for most of us.


* If the allocation charges are simply added for a 10 year period, the following would be the total charges:

ICICI PRU LIFE : 48 % HDFC STANDARD LIFE : 69 % Birla SUN LIFE : No chargesKotak OM LIFE : 49 %

Premium Allocation Charges means company is going to deduct some portion from your premium every year. This helps the company pay commission to the agents and also takes care of overheads. A higher allocation charge provides a higher commission to your agent/broker, so beware if your broker is being very forceful on a certain product.

Allocation charges explained

If prem. Allocation charge is 30% for the 1st yr. & 2% for the 2nd yr & onwards. If your prem. Is 50000, then only 35000 less other charges will be allocating as your fund value in the 1st yr. & so on as per 2nd yrs & onward charges)

* ICICI PRU : 48 % (approx. in 10 yrs.)

* HDFC STANDARD : 69 % (approx. in 10 yrs.)*

Birla SUN : No charges shown.*

Kotak OM : 49 % (approx. in 10 yrs.)

Administration charge

Administration charges are moderate in all companies except in Birla, the brochure is quite confusing. Not very clear. So can’t comment much, but mostly seems to be a via media to collect allocation charges.



From our scrutiny we would recommend ICICI’s Smart Kid as a cost effective and efficient investment for your kiddo. We liked the transparent brochure and comparatively fair and lower charges in the plan. Three Cheers for transparency.


Are there any SMALL non all-inclusive hotels in Mexico, Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen ?

Are there any SMALL non all-inclusive hotels in Mexico, Riviera Maya or Playa del Carmen ?

I live in cancun and it is mostly the same zone as cancun for it only takes people in cancun a 25 minute drive to get to playa or riviera maya!

September for sure is the most quieter....

At Playa del carmen:

The fantastic El Taj Condo Hotel in Playa del Carmen is very luxurious, fully equipped condos, from where you can enjoy the freedom of a condo vacation without sacrificing the amenities and services of a hotel. El Taj Condo Hotel is located on some of the most exclusive coastline in Mexico, just a block away from the renowned Fifth Avenue and steps away from the world famous waters of the Caribbean Sea.

If you are interested go on to:

Aldea Thai Resort provides the ideal backdrop for an unforgettable vacation in the beachside city of Playa del Carmen. Looking out over the stunning Caribbean Sea, this resort offers modern and contemporary facilities for a luxurious stay in this beautiful city set in the midst of the Mayan Riviera.

To look for more info and pictures go on to:

If you want something a little bit less expensive, another very good one would be the hacienda vista real resort...

Let yourself be pampered in this hotel that will take your breath away. Spend a vacation as ever, accompanied by your family and friends, in a place where paradise is not a venue, but a lifestyle. You will remember forever Hacienda Vista Real Resort and Spa for its superb service and lavish arquitecture and decor. Hacienda Vista Real Resort and Spa is part of the exclusive worldwide renowned "Petit Hotels", that guarantee the best stay. And the best part is that you get a free night!!!

This hotel is way less expensive than the two above and is still is a five stars hotel! For more info go on to:

At the riviera maya:

Green Tulum is a beautiful hotel made up of thirteen cabanas in the heart of the Riviera Maya. It rises up from among the lush vegetation of Tulum, seamlessly combining civilization with the surrounding jungle. Its rustic rooms radiate an aura of tranquility that will make you instantly fall in love with the mystical Mayan lands.

If you want to look at the info go on to:

La Tortuga Hotel and Spa is the perfect place to set up base for your visit to the Riviera Maya. La Tortuga Hotel and Spa's open design and the gorgeous tropical landscaping is a reflection of the warm Caribbean weather, and it features nicely appointed guestrooms, one of the prettiest swimming pools in Playa del Carmen and a complete spa just around the corner.

If you are interested go on to:

Good luck! and I promise you will have a great time here!

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