Garage Sale Day 2019 is on Friday, August 9, 2019: July 4th.good or bad day for garage sale?

Friday, August 9, 2019 is Garage Sale Day 2019. Circle Your Wagons for Greenwood Garage Sale Day Greenwood Garage Sale Day

Garage Sale Day

It’s time for you to cleanse some old junk – only one person’s junk might be another’s treasure! Garage Sale Day is definitely an excuse to set up a table inside your garage or in your yard, set up some signs and bring in the eager crowds for an opportunity just to walk away having a decently listed, pre-loved treat!

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July 4th...good or bad day for garage sale?

Hmmm... you might actually do pretty well, since most people don't hold garage sales on holidays, and you won't have competition from other sales in the area. You might get plenty of customers who have no plans for the day and will be happy to come and shop your sale. And if you live in a high traffic area, people who are traveling through might be willing to make a short detour to stop by.

On the other hand, lots of people DO make plans for the 4th, and might be too busy to bother stopping at a garage sale.

It's a toss up for me, I guess.

Garage sales?

Garage sales?

We stage garage sales often.Heres some input on them.

Buy those bright neon colored posterboards from a department store school or art section,BLACK magic markers and a few wooden stakes.(or make them from scrap wood.)Decide your dates EX:(written BOLDLY with at least 3inch letters(so cars can read them easily from the road)

Write (example GARAGE SALE FRI 17th-SAT 18th 8-4

SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE.(Even if you actually DONT have something for everyone,at least you can get them TO your driveway,and get out of their car to browse.

Staple the finished written garage sale signs to the wood stakes and post them at the nearest main intersection,(dont forget to put your address on the sign) in the ground near a stop sign or stop signal.Post another one at the end of your block,another at the edge of you driveway,and a few more at busy intersections.Post the sign a few days prior to your 'BIG EVENT.You could even run a 2 day ad in your local paper.

The key is to 'lure the 'perspective garage sailor' to your driveway.Serving cold bottled ice water is always a freindly means of doing business.(offer them free to your customers AS THEY GET OUT OF THIER VEHICLE!!(Its good p.r. and possibly gets your customers to feel obligated to buy.

Good luck,and remember to be yourself(s) greet your customers warmly and negotiate prices.(which you have already stuck on each item with those round neon stickers you can buy from Office Depot)

What are some great garage sale tips?

What are some great garage sale tips?

Garage Sale Tips

Here are some pointers for throwing a great garage sale:

The best time to have a garage sale is either Saturday or Sunday. The sale should start early (e.g. 8am) and run at least till noon. Don’t be surprised to find people at your house before the posted time!

Advertise your sale in the classifieds of your local newspaper. Mention the time, place, and date (include a rain date if you have one). Go to where other sales are going to be and post signs there, offer to post signs from the other sales at yours--Twice the customers.

Put up a bunch of signs in your neighbourhood a few days before your sale. Make sure the signs are large, legible, and, if possible, waterproof. On the day of the sale, put a large sign and a bunch of balloons at the intersection closest to your house. Remember to take down all signs when your sale is over.

Ask friends, relatives, and neighbours if they’d like to join in or if they have anything they’d like you to sell for them. When gathering up items to sell, be sure to clean them up. Not only do clean items sell faster, but they will also sell for a higher price.

Put prices on each item in advance (don’t wait to do it the morning of the sale as many buyers come early and you want to be prepared for them).

Remember that people who go to garage sales are looking for deals. So don't overprice your items. Plus be prepared for people trying to haggle the price. As it gets later in the day, you should be more and more willing to lower your price.

Make sure you have enough tables to neatly display all your items (if necessary, make temporary tables out of sawhorses and pieces of plywood). This will allow your customers to check out everything easily without the pain of having to dig through boxes.

Set up a small table for your cash box, a printing calculator and some used plastic shopping bags that customers can have to put their smaller purchases in. It’s also a good idea to put any expensive items like jewelry on this table so you can keep an eye on them.

Make sure to have ample change and small bills in your cash box at the start of your sale (you don’t want to have to turn away customers because you can’t break a $20 bill). Always have at least one person helping you. This person can make sure customers don't steal anything as well as watch the cash box if you’re off helping a customer.

Taking the time to organize your items into categories will make your sale more visually appealing and will result in higher sales. For instance, put all of the books together, group all the glassware in a section, and line all the shoes up along the edge of the driveway.

Put any large or attractive items (e.g. couches, TVs, playpens) in plain view of the street as this will help to attract people driving by.

Display clothing neatly on a rack or hang them on a broom handle suspended between two ladders. Instead of selling all kinds of small items for 10 or 25 cents each, package any similar items together and give the package a single price (e.g. bag of assorted hair accessories for $2).

Have an outlet available so customers can test out any electrical items to ensure they work. Have batteries on hand for the battery-operated items.

A great way to make extra money is to also sell bottled water, pop and/or snack items like donuts. . Put items in a cooler by the cash table with a visible sign letting customers know what’s available.

It’s common for there to be lulls in between groups of customers. During these quiet periods,rearrange what is left to display better.

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