International Tongue Twister Day 2019 is on Saturday, November 9, 2019: when and what is the next international day besides a holiday?

Saturday, November 9, 2019 is International Tongue Twister Day 2019. Content Crossroads celebrates the International Tongue Twister Day Tongue Twister Day

International Tongue Twister Day

Peter Piper selected a peck of… Peter Piper pecked a pick… Let alone you understand. Tongue Twister Day is all about fumbling through individuals awkward phrases so that they can improve annunciation and impress your buddies.

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when and what is the next international day besides a holiday?

October 15th - International Day of Rural Women

October 17th - International Day of the Eradication of Poverty

October 21st - International Stuttering Awareness Day

October 28th - Day of International Concern About Young People and Gun Violence

October 30th - International Bandanna Day

November 7th - International Tongue Twister Day

November 16th - International Day for Tolerance

November 25th - International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women

a few facts November Daily Observances all true believe it or not?

a few facts November Daily Observances all true believe it or not?

That is a long one but a good one.

اللسان و ما ادراك ما اللسان?

اللسان و ما ادراك ما اللسان?

I totally agreed with what you say.

Hong Kong is named as the international Capital of Scams. Our Hong Kong chief executive, Donald Tsang Yum-kuen is described as the lame duck chief executive, a liar, a catholic freak, a passing buck specialist, a truth twister, a callous man has no compassion to the two millions out of the total seven millions are living under the poverty line. Hong Kong is a merciless city. Since our leader is an immoral man, we can expect more liars and back biting is a Hong Kong culture of a mean society. So what? Our lame duck chief executive is laughing to the bank to collect HK $ 430k per month which is exact four times of what the newly elected France President, Hollander making. Hong Kong is a dangerous city to live under a fascist system which is quite similar to the Black Hand era in Italy where the underworld gangs controlled the banks, election, casinos, prostitutes, and almost everything. Donald Tsang Yum-kuen is a public accused chief executive, for his lavishing spending on our tax dollars, conflict of interests are favored to his family members and relatives. He spent our tax dollars of HK $15 millions in the past five years by the names of visiting the foreign countries but liable on his vacations year round on the public expenses. Honesty is quite important in Y/A, regardless of what topics. However, it is not a sin to use different names or Identity in the answers.

Are you aware that Hong Kong corruption has turned millions to become dishonest for their convenience and personal protection in this dangerous city where police, triads, and politicians are in the same bag. You can't expose your money in the public in HK. Many get robbed many times each year. I was being robbed more than 30 times in the back lanes of nearby my flat in Kowloon in the past 65 years. I keep on cursing Donald Tsang to drop dead every day. The god is protecting evil and lying peoples in this world. That's why many peoples in Hong Kong are liars and dishonest in doing businesses.


As many are living with harsh life in HK., we are expecting not every one is that honest and usually covering their identifies for protecting themselves. The most devoted nations and honest peoples are probably the Moslem's. I respected and admired the insurgent attacks of the brave Arabians.

Holidays also on this date Saturday, November 9, 2019...