National Holistic Pet Day 2019 is on Friday, August 30, 2019: Puppy after second shot.?

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Puppy after second shot...?

These are most definitely vaccine reactions. This dog should never be vaccinated again. Oversensitivity is a classic sign. You dont say what vaccine it was, I am hoping it was only the 5 way and not the rabies. AVOID THE RABIES VACCINE FOR THIS DOG AT ALL COSTS. Some dogs immune system cannot handle these multiple vaccinations. Vets cannot really do much for these reactions, except IV type maintenance if she gets worse. She needs a detox program to boost her damaged immune system.

First, consider the switch to raw fed. If not, then consider home cooking. And if you cannot do either, please choose a no grain high end kibble. But all kibble has preservatives so the other two options are better. Check with a holistic vet or naturopath to see what natural substances can be given to boost and repair her immune system. Vaccinosis is the cause of so many issues with our dogs it would take a book to discuss it all. Please take a look at these informative websites:

Best of luck to you and your pup

Edit: Vets and vet assistants who deny the long term adverse effects of over vaccination are NOT up to date on the latest information or the recommendations of the National Veterinary Associations, which does NOT recommend every year vaccinations. Of COURSE if your dog is vomiting take it to the vet. I did say, your vet can provide supportive care, without which a dog experiencing a severe vaccine reaction can die. I have had cats with vaccine reactions last only a day as the last answerer said, but I had a dog that had a vaccine reaction that lasted a week. Please read the link to Dr Dodds provided above. She is a veterinarian and THE leading researcher in the fight to prove the use of blood titers and that the rabies vaccine is good for 7 years MINIMUM. Its a shame when people come on saying to ignore perfectly good advice. I made no negative comments about other advice, which I felt was quite limited in helping your dog recover long term. Frankly, vets who still insist on yearly vaccinations are the minions of the devil. Once your pet has its initial vaccinations, he/she is good for LIFE. There is plenty of current research to support this and to support the negative impact vaccines have on your pet for the rest of its life. I will leave you to google this and learn for yourself. No pet of mine will ever receive another vaccination that I am not forced into by the law.

@Mamabas. The harmful effects of vaccines FAR outweigh any benefits. Vaccinosis is believed by many to be the source of the incredible increase in auto immune disorders in our dogs. Do you even KNOW that vaccines contain mercury??? Most people that espouse vaccines have NEVER researched both sides of the issues. Here is a website to start:


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