Peanut Day 2018 is on Thursday, September 13, 2018: Is a peanut butter sandwich every day healthy for runners?

Thursday, September 13, 2018 is Peanut Day 2018. September 13: National Peanut Day Technically, peanuts are

Peanut Day

Are you aware that peanuts have almost zero cholestoral? That’s one of a lot of reasons why peanuts are this type of popular component, snack and nutritionally packed berry!Peanut Day is an opportunity to work some peanuts to your diet, used by any means from tasty lunchbox snacks to like a tangy stir-fry sauce. Be careful for allergic reactions, though!

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Is a peanut butter sandwich every day healthy for runners?

Peanut butter is high in fat and calories, but the calories are primarily healthy ones -- and fat is actually really important for brain function, joint health, and overall well being! A peanut butter sandwich (with natural peanut butter -- not loaded with sugars -- and whole wheat bread) is a great lunch.

1500 calories a day is perfectly fine, and with you running 4 miles a day I'm surprised it's not higher! If, however, you'd like to cut down on the amount of peanut butter you're eating WITHOUT giving up some of your sandwiches, then you should try a peanut butter and banana sandwich -- they're so good and you can use a bit less peanut butter without sacrificing flavor. Plus they're really good for you!

I make them by toasting the bread before putting on natural peanut butter and about half a banana (sliced). The hot toast melts the pb into delicious goo :) Feel free to use a whole banana, but I find that it gets much too hard to keep it between the bread...

Did you know its National Peanut butter day?

Did you know its National Peanut butter day?

its peanut butter jelly time!!!

i might go to taco bell tomorrow for national taco day

Is this too many peanuts a day?

Is this too many peanuts a day?

That's about 430 calories and most likely around half of the amount of fat you should be having in a day (about 40g). Peanuts are okay in small quantities, but try not to overdo it.

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