Save The Elephant Day 2020 is on Thursday, April 16, 2020: Save the elephants?

Thursday, April 16, 2020 is Save The Elephant Day 2020. Save the elephant - Elephants are endangered Don't forget to Protect Elephants

Save The Elephant Day

They could be wildlife symbols, but, sadly, tigers have been in crisis. Save The Elephant Day is an opportunity to show our love and support of these much-loved titans and lift understanding of the risks for their future both in Africa and Asia, varying from ivory poachers and traffickers to lack of habitat.Also called World Elephant Day, the occasion began through the Elephant Reintroduction Foundation, located in Thailand, working with Canadian film-maker Patricia Sim cards. The launch of the worldwide initiative this year saw the discharge from the documentary film ‘Return towards the Forest’, read by Star Wars legend William Shatner.An effective way to mark your day would be to donate to some charitable organisation helping tigers or organise a celebration in help of these beautiful but threatened monsters. You might watch a wildlife film about tigers or sign a petition to boost awareness.

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Save the elephants?

If there were no elephants left in the world I wouldn't care. They have no effect on me or my life. Besides this is what happens in nature, species go extinct. Stop fighting nature.

Do you like my elephant song?

Do you like my elephant song?

The "Elephants" are all alive...

We saved them all!...we saved all five

But now some way we must contrive

More "Elephants" to save than merely five.


~~~~~~ Monkeys On Parade

(Monkeys Obey My Command)


When I was but a lad

I discovered that I had

The power to persuade

Monkeys on parade


This supreme ability

To dictatorially

Control the minds of Monkeys

Will one day be my key

To my, “Monkey Military”

Armies of Monkeys

Across the land!

Yes I can!

Yes I can!

Monkeys obey my command!


What caliber gun is used to kill an elephant?

What caliber gun is used to kill an elephant?

Any of these rounds will kill an elephant with a kill shot:

.416 Rigby

.450 3 1/4

.458 WinMag

.458 Lott

.577 Tyrannosaur

.600 Nitro Express

.700 Nitro Express

They won't let me give you the yahoo link so I will copy the answer and paste it here. The answer was given by Yahoo member "Sixtus" and to be honest it is one of the best answers I have seen on yahoo and better than many hunting sites.


This answer is from Yahoo member "Sixtus"

Well you should be assured they are protected, and heavily game managed on strict licencing.A lot of fees for shooting one(around $10,000-20,000) goes to the park to fight poachers, and pay for more wardens.

As funny as it sounds while hunters did originally almost wipe out elephants 100 years ago, it is now hunters saving them from illegal poachers.

A lot of the countries who refused to make strict hunting legal, lost their elephants to poachers, starvation and even minefields(left overs from all the african wars which kill millions of african animals each year)

The reason is the only a park with a lot of money can fix these problems.The average african country is literally too poor to do it themselves.

As to which guns first I'll address some of the other replies.

The 50BMG will kill an elephant but is not the best to use, in fact is is pretty useless. To shoot elephant you may need to be waist deep in long grass, or even standing in a stream, or on a steep slope.A gun like the 50 BMG that you need to lie down to fire is obviously no good. Even if you can shoulder fire it, it is very heavy, and very long in the barrel, and not something you want to carry for 10 miles following elephant.

The 405 winchester is no good for elephant. Bullets to short and stubby. Its okay for most big game except african dangerous game.

The most commonly used rifle for elephant, and the legal minimum is the 375H&H. It fires a .375 calibre 300gn(about 3/4 ounce) bullet at around 2500fps.

There are many other calibres used such as the 458 winchester magnum, 416 remington, the 378, 416 and 460 weatherby magnums, the olden day 450, 500 and 600 nitro and many others.

They all have some common requirements.

1.Bullets that have a lot of weight for their calibre, in other words they are quite long.

2. Bullets that are either totally solid or have a full metal jacket so they do not deform or break up upon impact.

3.Bullets that have round or blunt noses, since pointed solids will tend to destablise in flesh and veer off course badly(another reason the 50BMG is not a good choice since 90% of its ammunition is pointed).

4.Velocities of at least 1950fps and up to around 3000fps, though generally 2200-2450fps is considered all you need.

For elephant the toughest shot is the frontal brain shot, for which the above bullets are needed to get through the 18+" of cellular bone structure. This is also the only shot that will kill them during a charge so it is the most important shot for your own safety.

Side brain shots are a lot easier and can be handled with many other rifles. It is also possible to kill elephant successful with lung and heart shots, though the elephant will not die straight away. It may take from a few seconds to a miniute or more to bleed out and you will have to follow it while it does.

So once again while a lot of guns will kill an elephant some of the time, the elephant guns mentioned above are the ones that will kill it every time, and can be used quickly from most hunting angles.

hope this helped.

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