Skyscraper Appreciation Day 2019 is on Saturday, August 10, 2019: 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens?

Saturday, August 10, 2019 is Skyscraper Appreciation Day 2019. TODAY'S NATIONAL DAY, 8/10/13 – SKYSCRAPER APPRECIATION DAY! « Bob ... beautiful skyscraper!

7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens?

Is this the book by Sean Covey? If so I have it and can try to help...

~On p. 13, there doesn't seem to be any questions...

~On p. 28, #1-10 are as follows:

1. The next time you look in the mirror say something positive about yourself.

2. Show appreciation for someone's point of view today. Say something like "Hey, that is a cool idea."

3. Think of a limiting paradigm you might have of yourself, such as "I'm not outgoing." Now, do something today that totally contradicts that paradigm.

4. Think of a loved one or close friend who has been acting out of character lately. Consider what might be causing them to act that way.

5. When you have nothing to do, what is it that occupies your thoughts? Remember, whatever is most important to you will become your paradigm or life-center.

What occupies my time and energy? _______________

6. The Golden Rule rules! Begin today to treat others as you would want them to treat you. Don't be impatient, complainn about leftovers, or bad-mouth someone, unless you want the same treatment.

7. Sometime soon, find a quiet place where you can be alone. Think about what matters most toyou.

8. Listen carefully to the lyrics of the music you listen to most frequently. Evaluate if they are in harmony with the principles you believe in.

9. When you do your chores at home or work tonight, try out the principle of hard work. Go the extra mile and do more than is expected.

10. The next time you're in a tough situation and don't know what to do, ask yourself, "What principle should I apply (i.e., honesty, love, loyalty, hard work, patience)?" Now, follow the principle and don't look back.

~ p. 45 #5-6:

5. List a talent you would like to develop this year. Write down specific steps to get there.

Talent I want to develop this year: ______________

How do I get there: ____________(more blank lines)

~p. 71-72 #2, 4, 8, 10:

2. Listen carefully to your words today. Count how many times you use reactive language, such as "You make me..." "I have to..." "Why can't they..." "I can't..."

Reactive language I use most: _______ (more blank lines)

4. Write yourself a Post-it note: "I will not let ________________

decide how I'm going to feel." Place it in your locker, on your mirror, or in your planner and refer to it often.

8. Identify something in your circle of no control that you are always worrying about. Decide now to drop it.

Thing that I can't control that I always worry about:



10. Use your tool of self-awareness right now by asking yourself, "What is my most unhealthy habit?" Make up your mind to do something about it.

Most unhealthy habit:__________________________

What I'm going to do about it: ______(more blank lines)

~p. 86-89 #1-10:

1. Think of a person who made a positive difference in your life. What qualities does that person have that you would like to develop?

2. Imagine 20 years from now -- you are surrounded by the most important people in your life. Who are they and what are you doing?

3. If a steel beam (6 inches wide) were placed across two skyscrapers, for what would you be willing to cross? A thousand dollars? A million? Your pet? Your brother? Fame? Think carefully...

4. If you could spend one day in a great library studying anything you wanted, what would you study?

5. List 10 things you love to do. It could be singing, dancing, looking at magazines, drawing, reading, daydreaming..anything you absolutely love to do!

6. Describe a time when you were deeply inspired.

7. Five years from now, your local paper does a story about you and they want to interview three peaple ... a parent, a brother or sister, and a friend. What would you want them to say about you?

8. Think of something that represents you...a rose, a song, an animal...Why does it represent you?

9. If you could spend an hour with any person who ever lived, who would that be? Why that person? What would you ask?

10. Everyone has one or more talents. Which of the ones [below] are you good at? Or write down ones not listed.

Good with numbers/good with words/creative thinking/athletics/making things happen/sensing needs/mechanical/artistic/working well with people/memorizing things/decision making/building things/accepting others/predicting what will happen/speaking/writing/dancing/listening/singing


~p. 104 #1,3,5,7,8:

1. Determine the three most important skills you'll need to succeed in your career. Do you need to be more organized, be more confident speaking in front of other people, have stronger writing skills?

3. Look in the mirror and ask, "Would I want to marry someone like me?" If not, work to develop the qualities you're lacking.

5. What is the key crossroad you are facing in your life right now? In the long run, what is the best path to take?

7. Think about your goals. Have you put them in pen and written them down? If not, take time to do it. Remember, a goal not written is only a wish.

8. Identify a negative label others may have given you. Think up a few things you can do to change that label.

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Will society reach a point in our lifetime where it cares less, and less about innovations?

Will society reach a point in our lifetime where it cares less, and less about innovations?

I think your comments reflect more about the decline of an intelligent press than it does the actual state of innovation and the acceptance or embrace of innovative products and services.

I too am dismayed by the behavior of some members of our society, who seem preoccupied with trivial or even inane topics at the expense of obtaining even a modest appreciation for the important issues of the day. We see this by the number of people voting for candidates who's positions are clearly not in the best interests of large percentages of their supporters by any kind of objective measure.

But people are still consuming medical advances, sound and useful technical innovations, and other outputs of science and innovative products.

Cancer treatments continue to advance, and many forms of cancer that used to be a death sentence are managed to the point where people contracting them can live for decades beyond the initial diagnosis.

You make a good point, but I think you are too pessimistic. We are at a low point in terms of common sense and constructive behavior on the part of large segments of our society. But we have many brilliant people working hard on innovations, and they are accepted and adopted in society as they come to market.

Please try to convince your friends and family to be conscious consumers of information, and to support an impartial and honest press, and to pay attention to the source of their information. If they must consume opinion "journalists", ask them to demand intellectual honesty at a minimum. That will narrow the range of sources a great deal, but equip people to make sensible decisions about their future.

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