Spirit of National Speakers Association Day 2018 is on Wednesday, November 14, 2018: Who are the better psychics at Lily Dale, NY?

Wednesday, November 14, 2018 is Spirit of National Speakers Association Day 2018. National Speakers Association: Spirit of NSA Day November 14 ... National Speakers Association:

Who are the better psychics at Lily Dale, NY?

Here are some sources and descriptions for you of some psychics:

Rev. Jacqueline Lunger

Rev. Jacqueline is the founder of Ageless Knowledge, located at 8 Cottage Row Lily Dale, NY and the author of user friendly products for the mind, body and soul: Inner Voices, "guidance at your fingertips" and Speak Stones casting oracle; as well as guided meditation CD's Reflections and Relax, Refuel, Remember, and Naturals a toxin free line of skincare products. She operates the Lily Pad boutique during the summer months.

Jacqueline is a certified psychic medium, Reiki master and numerologist, serving the universal Spirit of Oneness, bringing guidance and perspective to the lives of seekers.

Rev. Jacqueline is a 4th generation Spiritualist who believes the most important message we can share, is the truth that; "we are eternally spiritual beings even in human form".

Rev. Jacqueline has been assisting others for more than 3 decades. Her readings are uplifting, meaningful, and amazingly accurate. See for yourself…schedule a phone reading today.


Rev. Jane of Erie, PA

Jane has worked with Spirit for over forty years. She was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister on June 30th, 1996 (this was a blue moon and in numerology, this date adds to 7 which is a spiritual number). Having a natural talent and studying under the guidance of kindred teachers, Jane took her 5½ hour test for Certification for Mediumship in Lily Dale, through the organization of Spiritual Healing and Prophesy, Inc.


Dr. Lauren Thibodeau,

author of Natural-Born Intuition: How to Awaken & Develop Your Inner Wisdom brings compassion, honesty, insight, and the inquiring, yet skeptical mind of an academic trained in the scientific method to her work as an author, psychic medium, workshop leader, speaker, and metaphysical teacher. She holds a Ph.D. in Counseling, and masters degrees in Counseling and Business.

Her dissertation, "The Near-Death-Experience, Work Values, and Spiritual Wellness: A Comparative Study" won a university research award. Dr. Lauren presented the results of her research at the International Association of Near-Death Studies North American Conference (IANDS) and at the American Counseling Association national conference. She developed and continues to expand the concept she calls Knowing, which is far more than intuition and much more comprehensive than traditional mediumship.

She has worked with thousands of clients in the U.S. and abroad since 1989. Dr. Lauren has been a registered medium with Lily Dale Assembly in Chautauqua County, New York, the world's largest community of mediums since 1996, when she became the first medium in decades to pass the stringent requirements for registration on her first attempt.


Cassadaga Lake NY

Besides being set on beautiful Cassadaga Lake, LilyDale (or Lily Dale) offers a different kind of spiritual excursion. It is the home of several mediums -- spiritual consultants -- who can give you messages from your loved ones who have passed away. Every summer, they have a psychic fair which draws spiritualists from around the world.

Daily events at the fair include clairvoyant demonstrations, healing services, and Development Circles, where people get messages from spirits and loved ones. Psychic mediums live in the houses in Lilydale, and you can arrange for private readings. Whether you are a believer or not, the experience is certainly interesting. We have been twice and had some eerie and uncanny experiences.

For more information about LilyDale, visit their web page at .


I would not personally go and do not support psychics, but you asked and so I told!

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