World Crohn's and Colitis Day 2021 is on Sunday, May 23, 2021: Crohn'sColitus?


Sunday, May 23, 2021 is World Crohn's and Colitis Day 2021. The first annual World Crohn's and Colitis Day (WCCD) was celebrated on May 23, 2007. The event was created by Josh Golder and recognized by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, as well as by people from around the world.

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The first annual World Crohn's and Colitis Day (WCCD) was celebrated on May 23, 2007. The event was created by Josh Golder and recognized by the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America, as well as by people from around the world.


I was diagnosed with Crohn's in '98. Crohn's affects people in different ways. I've had trouble with the Big D (never been constipated) and take Immodium numerous times a day. So whatever people say about who they know that has it, or even if they have it themselves, everyone is different. Different meds work for different people too. That's why it is so hard to diagnose and to treat. But you'll find what works for you if it is Crohn's or Colitis. And have a doctor and nurse as parents, you are a few steps ahead of everyone else.

Yes, the pus does make it sound like Crohn's. As for the other infection, there could be a link but only because your immune system has gone nuts. With Crohn's, your immune system attacks the digestive system (you can have Crohn's anywhere in the digestive system but it is far more common in the Intestines). I manage to get everything my kids bring home - flu, colds, strep, etc. But the meds I have been on also suppress my immune system anyway.

The heart pounding and the headaches - I get from time to time. Is your iron level normal? Is your BP low? I know that I have the same trouble when I am anemic and/or when my BP drops.

If it is Crohn's, there's a list of meds the docs will go through. I was one of the unlucky ones who either couldn't tolerate the meds or they just didn't work (or had a severe allergic reaction). However, I was a part of the drug study for Humira and it is Wonderful! I know it wasn't as great for everyone in the study but I went from being told I'd probably never work again to teaching 13 dance classes a week and raising 3 children on my own - plus I'm back out in the dating world.

The best advice I can give is to keep a positive attitude. Look around, there are lots of people who have things worse. You may have to slow down a bit from time to time but get back out there and live life! I've proved that it is possible!

If you have any other questions about Crohn's or UC, there's a great site - Go to the community/forum area. There are a number of groups for many different diseases but the largest group is the one for Crohn's. You can ask anything and someone will answer. They helped me through a lot!

Hang in there. You're in my thoughts and prayers!

Hi, I am looking to find a Crohn’s Disease specialist in the Malaysia

Hi, I am looking to find a Crohn's Disease specialist in the Malaysia. Now my Crohn's Disease is very chronic.?

hi, i am a crohn's pt. for over 20 yrs. Check out the Crohn's & Colitis foundation's site for more information.

They have a live chat, a hotline, and an open forum where you can post this question to others who have it. Many are from around the world so you should have no problem finding someone to talk to.

good luck.

Does anyone have Crohn’s Disease?

Does anyone have Crohn's Disease?

Raw milk and kefir and other probiotics will help. Click here to find sources or raw milk.

When I think of crohns disease, the first though that comes to mind is "Jordan Rubin". This is a young guy that got struck down with crohns disease when he was just 19. When he finally got a diagnosis, he was told he had stage 4 crohns/colitis disease meaning that both is small and large intestine were inflamed. His blood work looked like that of a dead man. He dropped from 180pds to 104pds at 6ft 2. His resting heart beat was over 200 beats per minute. The interesting thing is, he went to over 70 different health professionals all over the world and took over 200 nutritional products every day. He had many alternative therapies including chelation, injections with live sheep cells, intravenous therapies and more. But this was to no avail. Fortunately, he got help with the 71st doctor he went to. He recommended that Jordan go back to the basics of eating and quit taking all of his supplements. He recommended that Jordan eat as PURE a diet as possible (I will give you suggestions in a moment) and only get on one supplement. The supplement was a type of probiotic that grows in the soil on organic fruits and vegetables. They are called Homeostatic Soil Organisms (HSO's). So, he changed his diet to include the following:

Grass-Fed animal products (

DHA-Enhanced Eggs (Gold Circle Farm)

Mercury-Free Fish (very hard to get)

Free-Range Poulry

Fresh organic NON-STARCHY vegetables

Raw Dairy products including yogurt, kefir, butter and cream

The best imported Olive oil

Real Sourdough Breads (made from sprouted grains)

Certain fruits such as berries

His diet was almost void of grains, legumes, nuts, starchy vegetables. After about 1 month on this diet and the HSO supplement, he began to gain weight. Now, at age 26, he shows no signs of the disease and weighs in at 180pds. He looks like a bodybuilder now!

Grains and legumes must be soaked or sprouted before cooking and nuts must be soaked/roasted before consuming. These foods have anti-nutrients that damage the GI tract. At first, it is better to eliminate these foods from your diet. This type of diet is called, "The Specific Carbohydrate Diet" and can be found on the web. They allow you certain starches but I wouldn't eat them. I would focu on fats, proteins and non-starchy vegetables with some raw dairy foods like yogurt, kefir, butter and cream. Don't consume pasturized dairy. Also, Jordan consumed lots of real fermented vegetables like raw saurkraut. NOT the type you can get in stores. Luckily, there is a product available in healthfood stores that is excelent. It is called "Zing". This is the only acceptable substitute for homemade lactofermented vegetables.

See, Jordan's immune system failed because he lived on a diet of junk food while in college. This type of eating opened the door to an intestinal environment condusive to poor gut ecology (LGS/CR-S). By changing the diet to include ONLY whole natural foods and by supplying the intestinal tract with lactic acid and probiotics, the intestinal terrain changes so that bad bugs just CANNOT live there. Don't focus on the bugs. Focus on the terrain. Take this very seriously. Your only chance to heal crohns is with a VERY STRICT whole foods diet like the one I described, consuming HSO's (There are a few products out there---Primal Defense, Nature's Biotics), and practicing daily SR and whatever exericse you can tolerate. Here are some websites for you to read:

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