ASPCA Month on April, 2025: ASPCA neuter coupon

April, 2025 is ASPCA Month 2025. ASPCA Official Site - Countless Animals Need Your Love‎ Help Heal Their Hearts. Donate Now!

ASPCA neuter coupon????????????

Here's the link to the ASPCA's spay/neuter database . All you need to do is enter your zip code and how far you would be willing to drive. It'll also give you some low cost clinics but most of them never charge more than $100 for everything including after surgery pain medication. I used a coupon for my 2 cats I raised from 2 months old and I spent a combined $150 for the both of them. Females are always more expensive to sterilize than males since it is a much more complicated and invasive procedure. If you can't find anything in your immediate area, check with the local Humane Society. They should be able to find an affordable clinic for you.

Donating to ASPCA animal rescue?

Donating to ASPCA animal rescue?

There's no downfalls, you're helping out animals in need that desperately are in need of some love and support :) ASPCA will either take the $18 directly off your debit/credit card each month or you can donate each month as you see fit. Either way, its an awesome thing you're doing :)

ASPCA donation?

ASPCA donation?

The ASPCA is a national organization with international limbs. It is definitely "for real." You're right to be wary of some organizations, but this one is a great charity.

A money order is just fine! It's just like cash. They can also set you up with an automatic withdrawl of $18 or less from your account each month. Another great animal charity is the Humane Society. Both of these would be happy to help you make the donation as easy as possible for you.

You might also consider using websites like Goodsearch, The Animal Rescue Site and Care2 to make donations for free. These are legitimate, major sites which use advertisers to send money to charities. Check them out-you do not have to register to use them, (although Care2 is more than just a click-to-donate site-it has email, ecards, IM and hundreds of forums), and it's a way to help out without spending more of your own money. The links are below.

Also, if you're ever worried about whether a charity is legitimate, or if you know it's real but you're wondering how much impact your donation is really making, check out the Charity Navigator. It rates charities based on their financial responsibility. Check it out! (Its link is down there too!)

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