Couple Appreciation Month on April, 2025: Help with a couple of exchange rates problem?

April, 2025 is Couple Appreciation Month 2025. Couple Appreciation Month couple appreciation month,

Couple Appreciation Month

Are you currently single? Do public shows of love from loving couples cause you to feel a little bit nauseous? Are you finding Love Day to become a completely depressing experience, every year? Well, the good thing is, Couple Appreciation Month is here now to provide another quick slap hard.In reality, we frequently take our partners as a given and end up forgetting to inform them just how much they mean to all of us. For individuals individuals a committed relationship, the month provides an opportunity to show a special someone just how special they're for you, and also to demonstrate your appreciation on their behalf.So why wouldn't you reserve a while this month to visit that one step further? Make a move nice together, shower one another with gifts, choose nice romantic foods and usually find as numerous ways as possible to create your single buddies seem like inferior people.

Help with a couple of exchange rates problem?

Over one month, the dollar lost 10 cents on 2$. ie. 5% per month. With monthly compounding, it loses 54.04 % over the year which is the depreciation rate.

Fleetwood Mac appreciation?

Fleetwood Mac appreciation?

You called?!

Fleetwood Mac {1967 - present day} are one of my 5 equal favourite bands, and Stevie Nicks is one of my 3 favourite artists.

It's a good thing you didn't ask for my favourite songs, as my list would be very, very long!

To put it simply, I *LOVE* them!

I grew-up listening to "Rumours", "Tango in the Night", and the Peter Green era "Greatest Hits", but only *really* got into them in the late 1990's {when I had to start collecting my own CDs}. I even managed to get a few live bootlegs from the 1975 - 1987 era, featuring among them amazing versions of 'The Chain', 'Gold Dust Woman', 'Sisters of the Moon', and 'Isn't It Midnight' {amongst others}.

It's only in the last few months that I filled-in the 1967 - 1974 gap in my collection {though I still favour post -1975}, and I can now truly say that they are one of the best British Classic Rock bands {many people who only know of them post-1975 assume they are an American band...}.

"Rumours" is the album that has spent the most weeks on the British album chart, and "Dreams" was their only US #1 single.

Peter Green was a guitar genius, with a great style. He had taken Eric Clapton's place in John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, and this is where he met Mick and John.

Mick Fleetwood and John McVie are regarded as one of the best rhythm sections in Rock {anyone who says Mick can't play has got cloth-ears!}.

Danny Kirwan showed his talents on the quieter songs, such as the beautiful 'Dragonfly', and 'Earl Grey'.

Christine McVie {Christine Perfect} was unofficially playing piano for them since 1968, but due to commitments to Chicken Shack, could only join them officially in 1970, after the release of "Kiln House" {for which she drew the cover art: }. If Mick was the 'daddy' of the band, Christine was the big sister.

Bob Welch took them through an interesting transition period, when they were really moving from Blues-Rock into a more 'AOR' style.

And then... they came...

1973 saw the release of the self-titled Buckingham Nicks album, and a creative period which included the writing of the songs 'Rhiannon', 'Crystal', and 'Monday Morning' {as well as two songs which later appeared in Stevie's solo work : 'Sorcerer' and 'Candlebright'}. Following a very brief tour, it became clear that Stevie and Lindsey were not getting the promotion and attention they deserved, and the final straw came when the record company dropped them. Given a parental ultimatum "Six months, then you come home", the couple were marking time...

At the end of 1974, whilst looking for a new studio, Mick Fleetwood was played a clip of the BN album. He immediately knew the band had to have that guitarist. Enquiries showed the couple were a 'package-deal', but with Christine's approval, the pair were invited to join.

Lindsey Buckingham is a uniquely talented guitarist. He cannot read music and is entirely self-taught, but hearing him you would never know. He has also proved himself as a producer of the band's albums.

Stevie Nicks brought to the band her blend of mysticism and creativity {when asked to join the band, she bought the previous 9 albums. She declared that the common thread of them was 'mysticism'}. She became the visual focus of the fans, many of them quickly emulating her style. She has also managed to have a successful solo career whilst still being a band member...

Full list of band line-ups can be found here :~

In my personal opinion, they are an amazing band, who have had three of the most underrated guitarists {Green, Kirwan, and Buckingham}, an outstanding piano / keyboard player who is always forgotten, and a woefully under-appreciated rhythm section.

Oh my...!

I'm sorry for rambling on about them, but I never really get the chance to talk about any of my favourite bands, and this is the one that I've loved for the longest...

Feeling lucky...going back to work in a couple months?

Feeling lucky...going back to work in a couple months?

Try giving her some money, like $50-$100. If she doesn't take it take her out to dinner or lunch once a month just to show your appreciation. Or get her a gift cards for things like manicures and pedicures. And also always offer to watch her son if she and her hubby want to have a night to themselves.

Holidays also on this date Tuesday, April 1, 2025...