Catholic Schools Week on January, 2025: Do Roman Catholic churches have Sunday schools or the equivalent?

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Do Roman Catholic churches have Sunday schools or the equivalent?


I assume you are talking about short classes on Sundays before, during or after the main Sunday celebration.. similar to Protestant "Sunday Schools"

SOME do.. MOST however, have those classes during the week, usually after school or in the evening. Called "Catechism" classes. They are generally 1 hours long.

Catechism classes are how the Catholic faith is taught to children. They are ran by volunteers, average Catholics who are provided with some basic study guide or outline. The affectiveness of such classes is highly variable on the knowledge and effort of the Catechism teacher, who is just an average Catholic with little to know special training.


To a Catholic.. they are not mere Stories.. but fact. They represent a central TRUTH, the word of God.

Whether or not specific historic events are taught from the bible or in a more general sense.. is up to the Catechism teacher. Events from the bible may be taught to teach them a principle, or not, it varies greatly.

There are no preset activities, dictated by any central authority, it is up to the Parish (local church) how they run their Catechism program. They usually coordinate it at the Diocesan level (group of Parishes in a region managed by a Bishop)

With over 2.1 billion Catholics worldwide, and over 400,000 Parishes, spread ALL over the world, in different cultures.. it is nearly impossible to generalize about that and be more specific.

As for my PERSONAL experience, in N. California...

We were taught from the bible. I don't recall a "book" which we followed, probably because my Parish was too poor to afford books for everyone. MOST of the kids in MY class, weren't taught ANYTHING about their faith by their parents...they knew NOTHING about their faith, so unfortunately the Catechism teacher had to spend a lot of time on very basic principles as most of their parents were lax Catholics and didn't instruct their own children about the faith.

So MY personal experience was TERRIBLE, but that was because I was stuck in a dummy class.

The Catholic church believes that the HOME is the domestic church.. where the foundations of faith are laid. Parents primary responsibility besides providing for the basics (food, shelter, love, protection) is to teach the faith. Obviously not all Catholics take this seriously.. I happen to be stuck in a room full of them. I feel sorry for the kids in my Catechism class.

But that just proves how much individual results may vary. Lucky for ME, my parents taught me better.

::::: SIDE NOTE ::::::::::

The Word "Catechism" itself if derived from the Greek word

Kata = "down" + echein = "to sound", literally "to sound down" (into the ears), i.e. to indoctrinate) is a summary or exposition of doctrine, traditionally used in Christian religious teaching from New Testament times to the present.[1] Catechisms are doctrinal manuals often in the form of questions followed by answers to be memorized, a format that has been used in non-religious or secular contexts as well.

The Catechism of the Catholic church is over 1,000 pages long and attempts to spell out ALL of the church's positions on various issues.

It is heavily annotated and references scripture throughout. It does not replace the bible but is where a Catholic can turn to, in order to find out what the Catholic church's stance is on a particular issue.

Catechism classes are for children who are NOT attending one of the over 100,000 K-12 schools ran by the Catholic church throughout the world. Many of which are servicing impoverished areas with no access to public education.

In the US, the Catholic church provides education for about roughly 6% of the US students.. saving the US governments billions of dollars because the schools are privately funded.

i have an interview on the next week at a catholic high school so, help me?

i have an interview on the next week at a catholic high school so, help me?

I went to catholic high school also. I also had to go through an interview. It really depends on each school and how strict they are.

At my old high school, I met with the sister (the nun) that was in charge of the high school section. She quickly looked at the report card, she told me I had good grades, but that I needed to work harder in my french classes.

Then, she asked me why I wanted to come to this school ? What i'm looking forward to ? If i was ready to put in hours of study every night ?What kind of teachers am i expecting to have ? If i applied to another school ? I had applied to another catholic school at that time. So she asked me if I was choosen in both schools, which one would I go to.... TRICK QUESTION !!! Be honest... i told them, I would choose this school, because most of my friends are going to this school.

In some schools, they also make you pass some language / math exams. You can inquire about that by having your parents call the school and know if you need to prepare yourself beforehand, or if any exams will be held that day.

But mostly, catholic school don't want to have dramatic kids running around, and they usually try NOT to select kids that have issue ! Sometimes, there is so exceptions, but mostly it's smart kids and normal kids, because they have a reputation to keep.

So if your sane, you should be just FINE !!!!

Hope this helps !!! And the most important thing is ... be yourself and be true to yourself !!!

Show that you are a positive person, willing to work hard, and what you are expecting to gain when you graduated from this catholic school. If you are a strong religious person, mention how important this is for you to have God in your life !

You will do great ! If not, God has other plans for you ! It's all for the best !!!!

Catholic schools week?

Catholic schools week?

The National Catholic Educational Association site has some information:

note especially this (page down to find it) : Catholic Schools Week began in 1974.

I think, essentially, its all about marketing catholic schools. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and the NCEA want to promote catholic schools. They want current parents and students to feel its a worthwhile investment and the same for prospective families looking for a place to educate their children.

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