New Year's Resolutions Week on January, 2025: Did you make a New Year's resolution this year?

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Did you make a New Year’s resolution this year?

My resolution this year is to take care of myself. I don't mean lose weight but to get some rest. I am saying no to anything that is going to tax my body. I am taking a vacation this summer, taking at least 3 naps a week and asking my husband to help me around the house more. My doctor told me that I was actually clinically exhausted and deserve a week in bed. I can't even get one day in bed but I can listen to his warning and start to take care of me so I am around longer for my family.

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

What are your New Year's Resolutions?

my new year's resolution is to stop sh*t talking ppl, especially ppl i dont noe but just think are rude from their appearance. i actually talked bad about this one girl and like a week after we became friends. now i hate myself for sh*ttalking.

my second new year's resolution is to stop takin jokes too far. in my family everyone is blunt and rude jokingly and i got used to it cuz i grew up with ppl putting me down and me putting ppl down in my family. so im relli sarcastic and all the time i take my jokes too far with my friends and i end up feeling horrible.

Should this be my New Year’s resolution?

Should this be my New Year's resolution?

It sounds like a great resolution. Break it down into steps like any other goal.

1. Say hi twice this week. (reward yourself with something after each week accomplishments)

2. Say hi twice and ask him a question about homework the second week.

3. Say hi twice, make a comment to him about something going on around you, ask his opinion on something, the third week.

4. Find out what he is interested in and be prepared to make a comment and chat a bit about it with him.

Remember: The best way to talk to someone is to get them to talk about themselves. Then when you find out what you have in common, and know each other better, it is easier to have a casual conversation.

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